Registration Open!

Registration is live and we’re officially a go! Check out our Race Bible to learn what is expected of you on race weekend, look at our Racer and Spectator Course Guide to learn more about what Race Weekend will look like, and check out our COVID-19 and Contingency Plans pages to understand how we’re proceeding in these odd times.

Then…head over to our Registration page and sign up!

Remember that the 1st 50 people to sign up will be mailed a custom Actif Epica mask (the masks have already been shipped to us and should be received in just a few days). Every participant will receive a mask, but we are receiving 50 in our 1st shipment so we can guarantee that the 1st 50 to sign up will get their masks quickly.

If you have any questions feel free to email us anytime at

Please note that we try to update our Facebook page and our Twitter account (#actifepica) with these weekly posts but our primary means of communicating is through this site and through email. If at all possible we’ll get back to your emails within a day or two, we’ll quickly update this site if info changes, and any major changes will be highlighted in this weekly blog.

We’re excited as we look ahead to Race Weekend in February and hope to see you then. Until then, happy training!

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