Racer Tim Neckar from Texas

*All Racers: Feel free to send us ur racer pics w some info about you and we’ll post what you send us to our Racer Bio section.

Hi, my name is Tim Neckar and I am from Houston, Texas USA.  I am a middle school PE coach by day, and a personal running coach by night.  (www.runnerone.com)

I have done well over 100 ultra marathons, and numerous other races. I have completed the Susitna 100 (twice) Tuscobia 75 (won it twice),  and the Susitna Half Hundred.  I have entered the Arrowhead 135 many times, but have yet to complete that monster. That race is my nemesis.  

I believe I am the only one from Texas that does these crazy winter races. I just love pulling my sled around Houston getting odd looks.  It’s just another way of upping my challenge and pain of doing ultra distances. I am known as the Texas Sled Man on Instagram

Course Changes Coming

Oof! That stretch looks fairly impassable. We like a challenge but try to balance that against making you all miserable, and some of the thick snow out there is making us look at a few changes, though most of the course looks good and will almost certainly remain the same.

There are likely a few course changes coming soon. Nothing too drastic. Stay tuned; all course changes will be edited in our GPS and cue sheets, and note will be made on the Course Guide page as well.

River Trail Open!

We’re happy to see that the official river trail along the Assiniboine River starting at the Hugo Docks and continuing to The Forks, down the Red River to Churchill Drive is open! We snapped a few pics of where we get on and off the trail (at Hugo and Churchill).

Hugo Docks river trial ‘entrance’
Looking Northeast from the Hugo Docks
Looking Northwest from Churchill Drive
Churchill Drive river trail ’exit’

Final GPS Route, Cue Sheets, more…

We’ve been busy finalizing more race details and getting stuff posted to the website.

Check out our Race Bible and our Course Guide to view new info on the course CheckPoint locations and to find links to course GPS and Cue Sheet files.

We’ve also posted finalized info about lap by lap cut-off times. As always though, email us at actifepica@gmail.com anytime with questions.

Elm Park Bridge near the Bridge Drive-In, close to one of the intermediate CheckPoint locations

Toques are ordered! (sorta)

The actual stitching will look a bit different than what you see above but what you see here is more or less the toque design for 2022. All racers and volunteers get one!

Last year we sold a few of our left over toques from previous years and the style and colour combo above was by far the most popular, so we’ve brought it back for 2022 with a slightly different logo to keep things fresh.

The toques are now queued up and ready for production, though we’ll wait until Jan 2 to actually place the order after we have firmer handle on numbers.