That’s a wrap!

Well that’s a wrap! A tough slog and a couple of course modifications to keep things moving for some of the longer distance racers, and Actif Epica 2021 is in the history books (except that results need to be modified and posted later today or tomorrow). Thx so much to all of the awesome racers who braved the conditions, and to all of the fantastic volunteers without whom none of this happens. It truly warms our hearts on cold days to see the bike and run communities come together and play in the snow!

Final course recon

Below are a few pics of our final course recon, and a brief video that we just posted on Instagram.

The pics show what much of the course looks like at the time of this posting; small amounts of snow cover but recently plowed, some reasonably hard packed single track.

The video shows one of a handful of relatively short sections where there’s been a bit of drifting.

The forecast for Friday is miserable: 5 or so cm of blowing snow with winds gusting over 80 (!) km/h that day, so course conditions will likely evolve, but at the moment Saturday looks alright, starting out cold but warming to -9C in the afternoon, but with more snow forecast in the afternoon and evening.

Assiniboine Forest
Near Silver Ave / Living Prairie
Sturgeon Creek
Lagimodiere Blvd near Bishop Grandin