Updates / Training / Racer Bios

This year we’ve created a blog that can be sorted by clicking on the following tags:

General Updates – these posts contain general info about our progress as we plan the event, along with any updates or changes to race ruled and logistics (changes and updates will also always be noted on the appropriate page of our site)

Training Blog – follow along as we train ourselves for a pre-race weekend 60km course recon. We’ll be training like we’re preparing for the race.

Racer Bios – our race is always a socially distanced affair but this year it will likely be even more-so, with little or no opportunity to get to know you at the pre-race check in or at the finish line. We encourage you to email us a pic of yourself (action shot, selfie, whatever) and/or a brief bio. Just send stuff to actifepica@gmail.com. We’ll post it to our blog and tag it as a racer bio so we and others can learn more about you. Let’s nurture a community while socially distancing! Alternatively, tweet your pic and bio to @actifepica and we’ll copy and paste your deets to this blog.

Click on any of the links above and then click the ‘follow’ button on the blog if you want to receive an update every time we post.