Cycle 70km, 140km, or 210km, or Run 45km, 90km, or 100 miles, all within Winnipeg on a 70km (cycle) or 45km (run) city path and roadway loop. All racers start at approximately the same time and do 1, 2 or 3 loops (longest distance runners do 3 1/2 of their loops).

Pre-race check in (sign waivers, pick up bib #’s, cue sheets, commemorative toque, etc) Friday, Feb 18th at the Assiniboine Park Duck Pond Shelter in the evening (exact time TBA), all racers (cyclists and runners, all distances) start their race between 8am and 9am Saturday, February 19th.

Actif Epica Ltd is a self supported winter endurance event. It promotes health benefits associated with outdoor activity in icy temperatures, snowy and/or windswept trails and paths, and Celebrates Human Resilience.

There are electronic CheckPoints along the route that participants scan themselves through using their smartphones that help us keep track of progress, and there are volunteers roving the course and a medic on standby, but participants should consider the event largely unsupported. You need to be able to take care of yourself during this event, making it through the race without assistance. To get a more complete sense of what is required for participants to support themselves through the race check out the Race Bible.


The race route can be found in the Racer and Spectator Course Guide. Cyclists and runners are treated to a mostly urban course that has a rural feel in many but not all areas as they traverse Winnipeg’s major waterways (the Red and Assiniboine) and travel along mostly bike and run specific paths (ie. designated low or no motor vehicle routes) through multiple greenways on a looped route that starts and ends in the Assiniboine Park.

Our goal is to offer a safe race course that exposes participants to the ever growing bike and run path and greenway network in Winnipeg while remaining within close reach of our medic team and volunteer rovers as everyone enjoys the pristine winter conditions that Winnipeg offers intrepid souls.