Actif Epica is a self supported ultra endurance event in extreme trail and weather conditions. It promotes health benefits associated with outdoor activity in icy temperatures, windswept trails, big skies and huge landscapes, and Celebrates Human Resilience.

There are a number of CheckPoints, most but not all of which are staffed with volunteers, along the route that allow participants to take shelter if necessary (they also act as a means for us to keep track of participants as they progress through the race), but there are long stretches of unsupported road and trail where participants need to be able to take care of themselves. Food is usually provided at some Check Points, but this can’t be relied upon. Participants must be able to make it through the race without assistance, even if they may be able to enjoy some ‘bonus’ food along the way.  To get a more complete sense of what is required for participants to support themselves through the race check out the Race Bible.


The race route can be found in the Racer and Spectator Course Guide. Short distance (approx 60km) cyclists and runners are treated to a mostly urban course that still has a rural feel as they traverse two of Winnipeg’s major waterways (the Red River and the Seine), and ride a portion of the Red River Floodway near their race midpoint on a mostly looped route that starts and ends at The Forks.

Mid-distance (approx 115km) cyclists and runners use all of the Short distance course but also travel further south to Niverville, following a portion of the Crow Wing Trail.

Long distance (200km) cyclists do all of the Mid-distance route PLUS a stint along the La Salle River.

Our goal is to offer a safe race course that remains relatively close to civilization (and relatively close to our race HQ at The Forks and within reach of our medic team and volunteer rovers) while featuring quiet trails and paths that allow participants to enjoy the pristine winter conditions that Winnipeg and Manitoba offer intrepid souls.