Registration is going well, and masks are in the mail!

First off we need to say thank you!…Thank you for expressing your commitment to Actif Epica by signing up.

We admit we didn’t know what to expect when we started planning the event this year in light of the pandemic we’re all going through. We’ve come up with protocols and contingencies that should ensure the show goes on no matter what, and we hoped our potential racers would share our confidence. Within the 1st few days of opening registration we have around 25 people already signed up, which is our fasted registration pace ever, so it looks like we do all share the same confidence!

Secondly, we’re happy to report that our first batch of 50 custom masks has arrived. In fact we’ve already mailed the 1st 25 or so out to those who have already registered, and will continue to do so as new registrations arrive.

Keep watching this pace as we update everyone on planning progress and the latest news.

2 thoughts on “Registration is going well, and masks are in the mail!

    1. Hmmm, it was mailed to you a couple of weeks ago. We’ll send another one right away. If they both end up arriving you’re of course welcome to keep and use both. Sorry for the hiccup.


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