Course Guide Posted

This will be a quick weekly update, letting everyone know that the Racer and Spectator Course Guide is now updated for 2021 and posted.

Although there are still a few hopefully minor course related details to resolve we’ve mostly hammered everything out and have agreements with most CheckPoint facilities in place. There are more things to consider with some of the venues this year owing to ‘the thing that shall not be mentioned’ (rhymes with blamdemic), but we’ve worked things out to the satisfaction of most venues and we’re at the point where we can really move forward.

As already mentioned elsewhere on this site our biggest changes to the course this year are:

  • leaving Winnipeg you’ll use some of the Seine River
  • no one goes further south than Niverville
  • the longest distance cyclists do an out-and-back along the La Salle River

Take a look at the Course Guide to get a sense of what you’re in for this year, and then get out and ride!

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