Contingency Planning

We want this to be a place of positivity. Our rides and runs are a reprieve from the news of the day, and we’re pushing ahead with event plans in large part because we want to offer the community an exciting, positive goal this winter.

At the moment the local pandemic news isn’t exactly improving, though with good community efforts things could turn more positive quickly. In case they don’t though, we’re looking closely at contingency race weekend plans in order to keep the event going even if, say, there are increased restrictions that keep us out of CheckPoint facilities or don’t allow us to congregate even in groups of 5 or 10 at the start line.

We hope to post a contingency framework here very soon so that when you register for the event you’ll be well informed and know what the race will look like if we need to make changes. Stay tuned, and start or keep training!

2 thoughts on “Contingency Planning

  1. Maybe this is the year that we are self-supported with staggered start times by a few minutes to reduce grouping at the start line. I don’t know about everyone else but I’m pretty much alone after everybody takes off lol. Checkpoints would be a grocery store to change socks or get some water.


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