Contingency Plans

We’re reasonably confident that even in the midst of a pandemic we can pull off Actif Epica 2021, in no small part because our event is by its very nature fairly socially distanced. With a few extra Protocols in place we’re in good shape.

BUT, if things turn for the worse and the province goes into a deeper state of lockdown we have additional contingency plans that will almost certainly get us through this while still hosting an awesome event.

The biggest contingency is to reduce the race route for all competitors to a Forks to Fraser Road loop(s). This is the exact course done by our shortest distance cyclists and runners, so for them the course won’t change at all. The mid-distance racers would do two of these loops (total distance of approx 110km’s) and the long distance cyclists would do 4 loops (approx 220km’s). So the distances remain similar, but the number of CheckPoints are greatly reduced. If the Forks is no longer an option for us we’ll find a location nearby to act as the Start/Finish and as a Checkpoint. Fraser Road should remain an option no matter what because it’s an unserviced property owned by family of the race directors.

The change to a simple race loop between two CheckPoints also means the event would be even less supported than normal because the Fraser Road CP is a small shack that houses the volunteers and doesn’t offer shelter for competitors (there is however a porta-potty on site). HOWEVER, most of the course would be within Winnipeg city limits (though much of it feels more rural because it’s done on and near local river systems) so you’d often be close to essential businesses where you could take shelter and/or buy supplies if you needed to, and we’d have volunteer rovers along the course to help make sure you were well.

If need be we can post just one volunteer at a time at our CheckPoints and enforce no close contact between volunteers and racers at any time (just a quick visual confirmation between racer and volunteer from a distance), and can ask that racers not travel in packs of more than ‘x’ or even ask that racers travel alone (keep a certain distance from one another on course and at CheckPoints).

Finally, if we need to we’ll stagger your race start so that you’re starting on your own or in very small groups.

Again, we have reasonable confidence that the 2021 event can look similar to years past and that we won’t need to fall back on these contingencies, but we want to make you aware up front that this is a possibility and that we hope to have things covered no matter the circumstance.

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