Recon shot for Actif Epica 2022, likely to look different in February!

We’re working on the details for Actif Epica 2022 and hope to have much more to post in the weeks to come but we want to let everyone know that we’ll once again be hosting adventure seeking cyclists and runners, this time from Feb 18th to 20th, 2022. As in recent years we’ll offer short, mid, and long distance races for both disciplines, but we’re finalizing a substantially different course, to be posted soon. Don’t worry though, the spirit of the race remains the same as we plot a route that starts and ends at The Forks in Winnipeg and takes you on a winter adventure as together we celebrate human resilience.

Much more to come, so follow this site. Once we have a few more details nailed down we’ll also connect directly with all recent past competitors and volunteers. We’re hoping that happens by the end of August 2021, with registration to open shortly thereafter. Let’s get the family back together in 2022!

The Forks historical site near downtown Winnipeg will remain the Start/Finish for the 2022 edition of Actif Epica, Feb 18-20.

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