New Course Coming Together!

We’re hopefully putting the finishing touches on a new, completely in-city (Winnipeg) course soon and will then post all of the details here, but this is what we can tell you at the moment:

  • We’ve tried to maintain the feel of a rural event but in an urban setting, showcasing the amazing green spaces and greenways that Winnipeg has to offer.
  • Our goals are to make the course more accessible to participants for whom a rural event in the frozen winter is too formidable while keeping the event challenging enough that established participants will come back for a new adventure, all while addressing some of our safety concerns and reducing the complexity of the event through things like using fewer checkpoint facilities, keeping them open for longer on a looped course where you may visit the same checkpoint up to 3 times depending on your distance.
  • We’re planning to start and finish at The Forks, offering 1, 2, or 3 laps of the course depending on the distance you want to complete (distances will be similar to what we’ve offered in the recent past).
  • 85-90% of the course is on officially designated bike/run multipurpose routes (this includes city roads like Wellington Crescent where vehicles are allowed but it’s a well established, marked cycling route).
  • Close to 80% of the course is on DEDICATED bike/run multipurpose routes that are restricted from vehicles.
  • Weather permitting we’re planning for sections on the Red and Assiniboine official river trails as well as sections alongside the Seine River and Sturgeon Creek.
  • We’re planning for sections through the Spirit Woods and the Assiniboine Park Forest, and many official greenways.

Below are some pics of a recent recon of the tentative route. Hopefully more info and the actual race route will be posted soon!

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