We Have Heat!

We’ve been waiting for confirmation on this and we now have it…our new Start/Finish location at the Duck Pond Shelter in the Assiniboine Park will be heated for the duration of our event. The garage-style doors you see in the pic above will be closed. The shelter has multiple washrooms, a small room that can used for changing, and even a couple of water stations. Added bonus: All of the goose poo you see on the paving stone should be gone in February 🙂

Although we’ll have another CheckPoint or two along the course this Duck Pond Shelter is the only spot that we can count on for heated shelter (or shelter of any kind for that matter). However, because both the bike and the run course pass through the Duck Pond Shelter twice per lap (part way through a full lap and also at the end of the lap), you do get at least one intermediate opportunity to briefly make use of a heated shelter every lap.

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