Run Course, Slow Pace Times Posted

RUN COURSE: The Run Course is now posted. We’re thrilled with how the Run Course has worked out; runners simply do sections 1, 2, 5, and 6 of the Bike Course to get approx 45kms of running per lap. Two laps gets them approx 90kms, and 3 1/2 laps gets them approx 100 miles.

There’s a very brief, very straight forward shortcut between the end of section 2 and the beginning of section 5 that the runners take to skip sections 3 and 4. In their final “half’ lap they do sections 1, 2, and 5 as normal but stop before doing section 6 (section 5 and 6 both end at the Duck Pond Start/Finish).

Run Course

SLOW PACE TIMES: We’ve also added our “Slow Pace” times to the Race Bible These are projections of the slowest paces for each distance and discipline of the event based on previous years’ actual slowest paces on similar sections of course. They’ll be used to help calculate cut off times at CheckPoints throughout the race. Because we haven’t finalized CheckPoint locations yet we haven’t calculated the actual cut off times yet either but we hope that the ”Slow Pace” projections will help you determine what pace you need to maintain to make it through the event.

We project the slow pace and set these cut off times primarily to keep the event safe for everyone. Maintaining a pace at or above the slowest projections helps let us know that you’re doing okay out there and are capable of finishing the event safely. We reserve the right to remove from the event anyone who isn’t meeting cut off times but we try our very best not to have to do that. We want you to achieve your goal. For you and for us that’s what all this work is for and it’s the reward that makes this all worth while, but we want to keep you from harm and make sure that you can keep a decent, steady rate of progress throughout the event.

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