Start List

Ladies and Gentlemen, your Actif Epica 2022 Start List:

81 participants in total, almost evenly divided (41 and 40) between cycling and running, and 18 women. While there isn’t (and doesn’t necessarily have to be) gender parity we’re happy to see that there’s enough critical mass to hopefully help make everyone feel welcome, because no matter how you identify, whether you’re doing a short or long distance, whether you’re fast, or….less fast, whether you have an entry level bike or one with carbon rims, and so on, we’re happy to host YOU!

See you on Race Weekend 🙂

BibFirst nameLast nameDistance
1CaseyBredesonLong Distance Bike
2KelseyBunnett WiebeLong Distance Bike
3KendallParkLong Distance Bike
4DanielPerryLong Distance Bike
5MatthewBosmanLong Distance Bike
6BradleyKulbabaLong Distance Bike
7DarylChymkoLong Distance Bike
8GordonStewartLong Distance Bike
9AaronEhlersLong Distance Bike
10SpencerGoughLong Distance Bike
11ChaseDavisLong Distance Bike

12SuyinLum MinLong Distance Run
13DeonSchoemanLong Distance Run
14JeffGoldsteinLong Distance Run
15JeffStuartLong Distance Run
16StevePageLong Distance Run
17HeidiSchmaltzLong Distance Run
18TimNeckarLong Distance Run
19MikalaShremshockLong Distance Run

30MikeAporiusMid Distance Bike
31KeithHolmMid Distance Bike
32BradFriesenMid Distance Bike
33MattMajewskiMid Distance Bike
34AndrewOrrMid Distance Bike

35AndrewPickerlMid Distance Run
36DanHallMid Distance Run
37LynnEstesMid Distance Run
38EricDescoteauxMid Distance Run
39DalipShekhawatMid Distance Run

40ChrisWolfendenShort Distance Bike
41PaulArchbuttShort Distance Bike
42RichardDupuisShort Distance Bike
43DaveTernierShort Distance Bike
44VeronicaWarkentinShort Distance Bike
45EmilyPayneShort Distance Bike
46TraceyMcAdamsShort Distance Bike
47PeteMcAdamsShort Distance Bike
48GarthMcLarenShort Distance Bike
49TyBargenShort Distance Bike
50KennethLandgraffShort Distance Bike
51RyanRogersShort Distance Bike
52CandiceBallShort Distance Bike
53ChrisPotrebkaShort Distance Bike
54MelisaStefaniwShort Distance Bike
55TeresaCuttingShort Distance Bike
56JakeEnnsShort Distance Bike
57LukeEnnsShort Distance Bike
58Kris &CoulterShort Distance Bike
59DarcyWinterShort Distance Bike
60SteveDysievickShort Distance Bike
61AlexWeberShort Distance Bike
62MarkAndersonShort Distance Bike
63DarrenBrownShort Distance Bike
64Jae RobertBenderShort Distance Bike

65JamesBuhlerShort Distance Run
66DanLockeryShort Distance Run
67ChristopherGoetzShort Distance Run
68LydiaMichaelisShort Distance Run
69CarrieHowellShort Distance Run
70AdamMooreShort Distance Run
71ShelleyKyleShort Distance Run
72PatWohlgemuthShort Distance Run
73JeffBondShort Distance Run
74SorelGydéShort Distance Run
75PaulMutchShort Distance Run
76KendallThiessenShort Distance Run
77TalithaKaethlerShort Distance Run
78DallasSigurdurShort Distance Run
79GinaTranquadaShort Distance Run
80ThomasHolmesShort Distance Run
81DarceyHarderShort Distance Run
82RickShoneShort Distance Run
83ElysiaShoneShort Distance Run
84JustinDaveyShort Distance Run
85SergioSarcenoShort Distance Run
86DavidRistauShort Distance Run
87YashKuntavalliShort Distance Run
88KirtiSharmaShort Distance Run
89SashaKullmanShort Distance Run
90MalloryRichardShort Distance Run
91YuvrajRathoreShort Distance Run

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