Pre-race Check In at Joe Black’s on Fri, Feb 18

The details on the Instagram post basically say it all. You get a free non-alcoholic drink of your choice, a commemorative toque, your mandatory course cue sheets and bib #, and we get your waiver signature and proof of vaccination. Seems like a reasonable trade to us!

We’ll be there from 3pm to 6pm but come early so that while it’s still daylight you can walk across the park footbridge to the Duck Pond Shelter race start venue and check out where the racing begins the next day.

2 thoughts on “Pre-race Check In at Joe Black’s on Fri, Feb 18

  1. I am coming in from Brandon for the 45 k. Is there a way to do the check in either virtually or some other way other than coming in the night before?


    1. Yes. We’ll email u directly with details today or tomorrow. We can’t accommodate checking everyone in race morning but we can make exceptions in unique circumstances, and we can take care of some of it w you virtually before the event.


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