Racer Tim Neckar from Texas

*All Racers: Feel free to send us ur racer pics w some info about you and we’ll post what you send us to our Racer Bio section.

Hi, my name is Tim Neckar and I am from Houston, Texas USA.  I am a middle school PE coach by day, and a personal running coach by night.  (www.runnerone.com)

I have done well over 100 ultra marathons, and numerous other races. I have completed the Susitna 100 (twice) Tuscobia 75 (won it twice),  and the Susitna Half Hundred.  I have entered the Arrowhead 135 many times, but have yet to complete that monster. That race is my nemesis.  

I believe I am the only one from Texas that does these crazy winter races. I just love pulling my sled around Houston getting odd looks.  It’s just another way of upping my challenge and pain of doing ultra distances. I am known as the Texas Sled Man on Instagram

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