Final GPS Route, Cue Sheets, more…

We’ve been busy finalizing more race details and getting stuff posted to the website.

Check out our Race Bible and our Course Guide to view new info on the course CheckPoint locations and to find links to course GPS and Cue Sheet files.

We’ve also posted finalized info about lap by lap cut-off times. As always though, email us at anytime with questions.

Elm Park Bridge near the Bridge Drive-In, close to one of the intermediate CheckPoint locations

3 thoughts on “Final GPS Route, Cue Sheets, more…

  1. IF 100% Unsupported: Will there be suggested business or places open for us to duck in and resupply? i.e. Gas Stations, Tim Hortons, Convenience stores? Bonfires at SP/Finish?


    1. Yes. Actually we’ve already noted 2 Tim Hortons and 2 7-Eleven’s along the bike route (I believe 2 of them are along the run route), 3 of which are open 24hrs. Obviously it’s their prerogative to change their hrs without notice so we can’t count on them but hopefully they should be of help in a pinch. You can find their locations noted on our GPS maps and within the cue sheets. Our plan if the race was ‘unsupported’ would also be to say u have to race approx during the scheduled event hrs and then we’d still operate a race headquarters that u could call, we’d still have a medic to dispatch, and maybe even roving volunteers still out on course in case of emergency. If we could have a fire at the duck pond we’d do that too.


  2. Hallo im trying to register for the long run doesn’t want to work with my card …i will etransfer …. from Phillips Schoeman


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