Route is hopefully set! Registration soon?

Still doing some route recon (pic taken on a new route section this past weekend) but we think it’s basically settled and we are now waiting for city approval.

Approximately 95% of the planned route is on officially designated or dedicated City bike/run/multi-use routes, with around 85% on dedicated (ie. no cars allowed) routes. The remaining approximately 5% is on relatively quiet roads that help connect the dots.

Once we have approval and a few final legal things squared away we want to open registration ASAP, maybe even by the end of the week. Other sections will be updated around the same time, including the Course Guide.

Registration fees will remain the same this year as they were last year.

Stick with us folks; more detail is on the way, but for now you can see the routes below that we’ve submitted for approval. Ignore that some parts of the routes are green and others are red for the moment – the colours will be used as a part of the Course Guide coming soon.

70km Bike Loop
55km Run Loop

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