In Town Future Course Ideas

FEB 13th, 2021

CANCELLED! Yes, we’re cancelling an already cancelled event, because that’s the kind of year it’s been :). In seriousness, we woke up this morning to -38C, feels like -50C. Without a doubt if the race hadn’t already been cancelled we’d be calling it off this morning. With that in mind we’re now cancelling our own personal ride too. 

Obviously we can’t keep other people from leaving their houses and doing their own thing but we wanted to try to lead by example and say that it’s just too dangerous out there. 

We’ll leave the map below (that we personally intended to follow) up here to serve as an example of future race ideas, but know that what we end up with next year is completely up in the air at this point.

About the map below: It’s a 65km course that we’ve ridden ourselves, completely within city limits, mostly on designated bike and multi-use paths, protected bike lanes, and ‘low stress” roads. It goes through The Forks, the Assiniboine Forest and Park, along Sturgeon Creek, Omand’s Creek, the Red, Seine, and Assiniboine Rivers, the Yellow Ribbon Greenway, Wellington Crescent, and other scenic areas. There are also some less scenic parts to connect the dots.

It’s possible that we’ve made errors in our mapping (we plotted the map by hand, as opposed to actually riding with a GPS tacker as we’d do when preparing a final race route) so if you choose to use the map as an idea for your own ride or run trust your own judgement first and don’t rely on the map as though it’s a final, proofed copy. It’s not. It’s simply here as reference for future ideas, yet to be completely sorted out. 

Even if we’ve mapped everything correctly there can always be unanticipated construction, closures, detours, and other hazards, and even at the best of times there are other people and motorists (and dogs, and…) on the route who can pose their own dangers to watch out for.

In-Town Future Course Ideas

Kim Grandwell

I live in Brandon and have participated in endurance sports for most of
my life. 

In 2014, I left the sport of triathlon and road racing and
became fascinated with ultra trail running.  It’s the perfect sport for
those that are slowing down and still need challenges in their life. 

To date, I’ve managed to finish 5 ultra’s at the 50km distance (well, one was
the marathon distance at Superior which felt like an ultra!). 

This past March I turned 60 years old and with each decade I’ve taken on a special
challenge.  What better than “60km at 60 at Actif Epica”?

Kurt Huff

Born and raised in Winnipeg, Canada, I make a yearly pilgrimage to the west coast for work in the tree planting industry.  My seasonal job affords me the privilege of having a lot of time to pursue my passions. 

I’ve ran the Inka Trail with porters to Machu Picchu, surfed typhoon swells in Australia, and jogged next to dolphins in Lisbon, Portugal.

My last meal was about 5 spoonfuls of peanut butter and a banana (my own version of skip the dishes).

So after 13 years and 2.1 million trees planted, I’m beyond excited to take the skills and push-through-anything mindset that planting has given me into the world of adventure racing and the 2021 Actif Epica.

Good luck to everyone and see you out there!

Jonathan Lacoste

Hi fellow runners/bikers!

I am Jonathan Lacoste and I am 45 years old.  I have been serving the Canadian Armed Forces for 27 years and I am currently based in Winnipeg as the Air Force Military Police Group Chief Warrant Officer.

I love trail running and my only experience with ultra is the Beaudry Classic 50k that I have done in 2019.  I amexcited with this opportunity of running the Actif Epica 60 k.

I have a girlfriend that is also serving the forces and we have a beautiful 1 year old terrier mixed with pug LOL!  My daughter is almost 19 years old and lives in Quebec.

Shoes…  not sure what to say!  I have all kind and for every possible surfaces!  I am currently trying different running shoes for that challenge coming up in February!

I am taking the Actif Epica opportunity to raise awareness for the veterans struggling with PTSD.  There is a program named Soldier On that is helping the veterans by organizing sports events, motivating them to stay active and keep a healthy social life.

Good luck guys!

Jeff Bond & Shelley Kyle

This awesome pic was taken on our romantic Valentine’s Day celebration last year. Yes you guessed it, Actif Epica, but that’s just what we do.

Last year we did the 57 k together and are taking it up a notch this year for the 115 k. We live on 80 acres south of Brandon and keep busy with gardening, our kelpies, bees and are currently building a short bike course because we have the land and the time (editor’s note: Cool!). 

We often travel (or used to and will again in the future) and throw in an adventure or event usually as an ultra. Together we have done Canadian Death Race, Dead Horse 50, Superior, Pick Your Poison, and Monteverde to name a few.