Scott Sugimoto

The photo is from 2017, my first Epica/first winter ultra. I have participated in 2 Epica’s, 1 finish 1 dnf 
3 attempts at Tuscobia 160 / 3 dnf
1 attempt at Arrowhead 135 / 1 Finish.
My left knee is at a point now that doing ultras or running of any distance is behind me now. Transitioning to cycling. Actif Epica 2021 will be my first Fat Bike event (200km) but 6th winter ultra.

Matthew Morison

I’m Matt and when it comes to long-distance running I’ve done it all, you name it: DNS, DNF, and I’ve even finished a few (including some proud DFLs). Last night for dinner I had broccoli and cheddar soup with homemade buttermilk biscuits and it was delicious. Excited and grateful for a chance to run Schapansky Road for the third straight February this year (115km run). Editor’s note: What’s with the great meals these racers are having? I’ve been shamed 🙂

Gina Tessmann

Events:  Running since competing as a Bison in X-Country and Track and Field in 2004.  Proudest running accomplishments include winning the MB Full Marathon twice, MB Half Marathon once, completing an Ironman, running the full Manitario trail a couple times, and placing 4th in the National 54km Trail Championships in Kimberly BC last summer at 11 months post-partum.  
Job: Occupational Therapist
Hobbies: Outdoor sports, hiking, cottage time, spending time with family, travelling, adventures with the dog, fishing, waterslides, and eating popcorn.
Family:  I have an awesome husband and am blessed with a 2-year-old and 5-year-old which I sometimes struggle to keep up with! 🤣
Pets: Copper, a 7-year-old lab who may not show enthusiasm but loves running trails and hiking adventures.
Favorite Running Shoes:  Asics for Road Running and Workouts.  Adidas or 361 for Racing.  LaSportiva for the Trails.
What I ate last night:  Venison, quinoa salad, a croissant, and 2 bowls of Captain Crunch cereal for dessert (post 17-mile tempo)… sorry kiddos (I ate their weekend cereal!)  Also, popcorn as a bedtime snack.. always popcorn!  Yum. (Editor’s note: Your last evening’s food was waaaaaay better than ours :))

Gina is doing our 60km run.

An invitation to send us your pics and bios!

We want to get to know you!

Our race is always a socially distanced affair but this year it will likely be even more-so, with little or no opportunity to get to know you at the pre-race check in or at the finish line.

We encourage you to email us a pic of yourself (action shot, selfie, whatever) and/or a brief bio. Just send stuff to

We’ll post it to our blog and tag it as a racer bio so we and others can see it here and learn more about you. Let’s nurture a community while socially distancing!

Alternatively, tweet your pic and bio to @actifepica and we’ll copy and paste your deets to this blog.