Jonathan Lacoste

Hi fellow runners/bikers!

I am Jonathan Lacoste and I am 45 years old.  I have been serving the Canadian Armed Forces for 27 years and I am currently based in Winnipeg as the Air Force Military Police Group Chief Warrant Officer.

I love trail running and my only experience with ultra is the Beaudry Classic 50k that I have done in 2019.  I amexcited with this opportunity of running the Actif Epica 60 k.

I have a girlfriend that is also serving the forces and we have a beautiful 1 year old terrier mixed with pug LOL!  My daughter is almost 19 years old and lives in Quebec.

Shoes…  not sure what to say!  I have all kind and for every possible surfaces!  I am currently trying different running shoes for that challenge coming up in February!

I am taking the Actif Epica opportunity to raise awareness for the veterans struggling with PTSD.  There is a program named Soldier On that is helping the veterans by organizing sports events, motivating them to stay active and keep a healthy social life.

Good luck guys!

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