Just over a week until Race Weekend!

We’ve been fairly quiet (okay very quiet) with our blog posts, but that’s because we’ve been working hard on all the little details that hopefully make for a great race. Oh, and we occasionally get on our bikes or go for a run too 🙂

Final course recons are now finished, and many, many details have been checked off the to-do list. We have volunteers covering all CheckPoints and Roving duties, the Checkpoint facilities are all ready to receive us, racer bib numbers and toques for racers and volunteers have arrived, lots of info including our final race routes for all disciplines are now posted, we’re compiling all of the racer data now that registration has closed so we can print out start and course check sheets along with other volunteer instructions, our timing system is up and running, and on an on.

We’ve also settled on using Twitter as our Race Weekend platform to report on the race in real time (in addition to our live online Leaderboard and Results sheets), and have embedded the Twitter feed on this site, though you can also use your own app to follow along and even to mention us in your tweets so we can retweet updates and comments directly for you.

Overall things are coming along very well this year and we’re really getting excited. Just over a week to go folks!

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