FatBike Rentals from White Pine Bicycle Co.


We’re pleased to announce that White Pine Bicycle Co. has accepted our invitation to partner with Actif Epica by offering FatBike rentals for our event.

We’ll hammer out details soon but we can say now that we’ve been offered a great race rental rate for our soon-to-be-officially-announced shorter distance race/ride (not more than 56 km, or in other words not more than approx half our current shortest distance).

Rentals would likely be picked up at the White Pine Forks (Johnston Terminal) rental location on Friday before our pre-race meeting and dropped off at the Forks as soon as you cross the Finish Line (well, we’ll let you recover for a few minutes before we take the bike back). If enough people rent bikes White Pine might be willing to transport the bikes to the short distance start line themselves.

The bike rental will be the same or similar (possibly from a comparable but different brand) to what is pictured below.


For more info feel free to email us at actifepica@gmail.com or email White Pine Bicycle Co. directly at info@whitepinebicycleco.com.

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