Actif Epica — Celebrate Human Resilience

February 18, 2017

120 km - 162 km - 200 km

On February 18, 2017 racers from around the world will gather in the frozen winter landscape of North America's geographic centre—Winnipeg, Manitoba.

In addition to the classic 120 km race, cyclists will now have the option to tackle a longer 200 km course, while runners can opt for a 162 km route.


Choose Your Level of Adventure

Whether you’re testing yourself for fun, or you’re pushing yourself to the limit, we’ve designed the course to suit your level of adventure. Each option traverses the Crow Wing Trail into Winnipeg and through to The Forks. Choose our classic distance of 120 km by bike or foot from St Malo, or push yourself further and go the Iditarod Invitational qualifying distance of 200 km by bike (162 km on foot) from Emerson. You could also buddy up and try the classic route as a 2 or 6 person relay.

The Historic Crow Wing Trail

The Crow Wing Trail connects Emerson to Winnipeg through the municipalities of Emerson, Franklin, De Salaberry, St-Pierre-Jolys, Niverville, Ritchot and the Roseau River First Nation. Initially established in the 1800’s as a route to transport goods to and from the Red River Settlement on the Red River and the Crow Wing Settlement on the Mississippi River, the trail has been revived as a recreational trail. The Crow Wing Trail offers unlimited opportunities for nature lovers, birders, artists, historians, photographers, cyclists and explorers.

Visit the Crow Wing Trail

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The 2017 edition of Actif Epicais now open for registration. The big guy won't be asleep for long. And he's going to wonder where all his friends are!

Earlybird pricing ends December 31, with limited spaces. Regular pricing and additional spots will open once earlybird spots are filled or on January 1st, 2017 (whichever comes first).

Stop waiting. Just press the "register now" button!

Volunteers Make It Happen

Actif Epica race day-KTPHOTO-February 15, 2014-001

From toiling at their computers and phones in the months leading up to race day, to supporting our adventurers at checkpoints, to keeping the Manitoba Yeti safe and calm, Actif Epica couldn't happen without all of our amazing volunteers.

We're always thankful for people who can help out. If you have some time or skills you'd like to contribute, please sign-up below. We'd love to add you to the team!

Salsa Cycles
The Forks
Olympia Cycle & Ski | 1813 Portage Avenue: