Mandatory Vaccination / Covid Protocol / Contingency


We’ve concluded that the best way to try to ensure that Actif Epica moves forward as planned in the ever-changing pandemic landscape is to say that for 2022 all participants and volunteers must be fully vaccinated

Our race has fairly unique features compared with a local 5K run or mountain bike cup event. We need to consider facilities that may not be allowed to welcome unvaccinated racers, laws that severely limit outdoor gatherings for the unvaccinated, volunteers who interact with racers, and so on. We have some of the strictest pandemic laws in the continent and they could get more restrictive still. Even at the time of this posting, Oct 11th, restrictions have recently been put in place that necessitate minor start line changes to our event. We just don’t know how many more changes we could see in the months to come.

We want to make it clear that even if we may have our own opinions and convictions we want to be as neutral about this issue as we can be. Sport can be a wonderfully inclusive thing and no matter our differences in the rest of life it’s awesome to share a common sporting interest and find a family that we can bike and run with for a weekend. In this instance it seems to us that the way to be as inclusive as possible is to say we all need to be fully vaccinated against Covid, to avoid running afoul of Provincial restrictions that could tighten at any time, and to help the maximum number of people feel comfortable assisting with or participating in the event

Proof of vaccination will be required to complete registration. Please see our Registration Page for more info on how to share your proof of vaccination with us.

Covid Protocol

We are of course following all Provincial health laws, and will let you know what that means as race weekend approaches because laws may change between now and then. If the race were run at the time of this posting on October 11th the only Covid law you’d need to be personally aware of is the need to wear a mask indoors in any public venue. We also ask that you wear a mask anytime you’re interacting with a volunteer or medic in any enclosed space, including a personal car. Outdoors, a mask is not required in any circumstance.


We’ve modified the race this year such that there is hopefully very little that will need to be changed even if local health laws tighten up as race weekend approaches. We hope to have at least one indoor CheckPoint (and if you’re doing 2 or 3 laps of the course depending on the distance you sign up for that would mean passing through that sheltered CheckPoint more than once) but if that’s not allowed we will transition to outdoor CheckPoints only, so you can’t count on us providing you with any indoor shelter. This is a part of why we decided to move to a course that was completely within Winnipeg this year, where you won’t be stranded without shelter far from civilization.

New for this year we’ve moved to a timing system that allows us to keep track of your start/finish and your course progress ’virtually’, so (hopefully) worst case scenario we can move to a completely unsupported event if we have to. What we envision in this scenario is still asking everyone to participate in the event on the official Feb 19-20, 2022 race weekend, starting from the official start location on their own time. We wouldn’t have volunteers stationed at CheckPoints but you’d still need to use your phone with cellular service to scan a QR code that you’ll find on a poster at unmanned designated spots along the course (this is more or less how you’ll pass through CheckPoints this year even if they’re manned, indoor or out). Your scan will be received by race HQ in real time and we’ll post intermediate and finish line results as we receive the info. We’d figure out a way to get you a finishers medal!

With these plans and modifications in place we’re reasonably confident that we can hold our event in 2022 no matter the health restrictions, fingers crossed!

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