Registration is open!

125 Bike/Run, 162km Run, and 200km Bike fees are the same as last year

54km Bike and Run events are new to 2019!

The 54km Bike event offers the option of renting a FatBike for the weekend for just $15 extra dollars, and also offers the option of participating as part of a chaperoned group ride, or independently. More info at the bottom of this page.

Early Bird Pricing

125km Bike/Run $100   162km Run / 200km Bike $150

54km Bike/Run $50 (+$15 for FatBike rental)

(plus small processing fees to above prices)

Please review the Race Bible before registering

here to register

Have questions? Email us anytime at

More 54km Bike event info: Last year the Olympia Cycling Club hosted a chaperoned group ride from our last checkpoint at the U of M to The Forks finish line in conjunction with our event. This year we’ve merged that ride with our event to become an official part of Actif Epica, and have increased its distance to 54km’s, from our Niverville checkpoint, along our existing course, thru to The Forks finish.

This is an expanded opportunity for people new to the sport, or for people who are simply uninterested in our longer events, to take part in the experience.  As a further means to promote involvement the 54km Bike event will continue to offer a chaperoned group ride. Liam Mohan, Olympia Cycle’s head mechanic and accomplished trials and FatBike rider, will lead the event out again this year for all who opt to be a part of his group. Alternatively you can decide in advance to ride independently and not be a part of the group ride.

We’re also pleased to announce that White Pine Bicycle Co. has accepted our invitation to partner with Actif Epica by offering FatBike rentals for the 54km event (if you’d like to rent a bike from them for our longer distances let us know and we can work something out for you). We’re adding just $15 to the cost of the event if you want to rent a bike.

Rentals will be picked up at the White Pine Forks (Johnston Terminal) rental location on Friday before our pre-race meeting and dropped off at the Forks as soon as you cross the Finish Line (well, we’ll let you recover for a few minutes before we take the bike back). If enough people rent bikes White Pine might be willing to transport the bikes to the short distance start line themselves.

We’ll provide additional details to you directly if you sign up for this option.