Our volunteers are the life blood of this event, and we can’t say enough good things about them. Most, though not all of our volunteers are stationed at various Check Points along the course. In 2018 all but one of the Check Points was inside a heated building with washroom facilities located in various towns along the race route, specifically in Ridgeville, St. Malo, St. Pierre, Niverville, St Adolphe, the U of M, and at The Forks. Additionally we had a couple of hearty volunteers in a tent near the Senkew Bridge along the Roseau River, and members of the Crystal Springs Colony stationed on their own property.

Because the longest distance of our event starts in Emerson late Friday night and carries through to Sunday morning as participants travel north along the race route, with other races starting later and further north, we have staggered, cascading starts, openings, and closings of Check Points according to anticipated arrivals and departures of racers. That means that some assignments are in the middle of the night, others are mid-day, and of course every time in between. The flow chart of volunteer assignments looks something like this (taken from 2018):


The primary duties of our volunteers is to check participants in and out of their Check Point, to relay that info to Race Headquarters, and to watch out for racers who look to be in some distress so we can help them if need be (Volunteers aren’t responsible for tending to needy participants but are asked to notify Headquarters and/or our on-course medics who can assist with races directly if that’s necessary). We offer good instructions and training to all volunteers ahead of time so no pre-knowledge of the event or experience with similar activities is required.  We’re basically looking for friendly faces and responsible, caring people.

If you’re really wanting to get into the nitty gritty here’s last year’s volunteer instruction video (it’s super exciting*) or if the video embed doesn’t play nicely for you click here.

*it’s really not

We hope to see many familiar volunteer faces in 2019 and will start reaching out to those who have helped in the past maybe in November, but you are of course welcome to inquire about volunteering anytime by emailing us at actifepica@gmail.com.

We’re happy to answer any volunteer questions anytime!