General December Update:

Here’s the race flow in spreadsheet format. It’s sorta like looking at the Matrix.

Well it’s the beginning of December so we figured it was time for an update. Planning is going well (dare we say the smoothest ever?).

Most of our volunteer duties and CheckPoint assignments are covered. We need just a few more people stationed at the Finish Line at various times and we need a few more on-course rovers, but we’re confident that we can fill those spots too. If you know of anyone who would still like to help let them know to contact us at

Insurance has been obtained, permits are in process, the medics have been hired, and CheckPoint venues are all secured for 2020 too. Yay!

The Specator’s Guide went live a week or two ago, and although we may add a bit more info as time permits we hope that the Guide can already help with a general understanding of the race and course layout. The Race Bible is almost completely updated for 2020, including a listing of gear check and pre-race meeting times and locations.

Continued recon of the course will be happening this coming weekend as we nail down the very specific course directions between CheckPoints with the hope of adding some frozen Rat River sections for the long distance racers; GPS course info and related cue sheets are almost all that is left to post on this site, but the unseasonably warm weather has delayed checking out the feasibility of some terrain for now.

Posters will be going up around town this week, sponsors are being spoken with now so we have draw prizes to award people, a new toque design is being worked on (everyone gets one free for entering or volunteering), medals are being made for all finishers, and on and on!

We’re just over 10 weeks from race weekend as this is typed so now it’s time for the participants to put in some training! (well, and register now if you haven’t already, to take advantage of early bird savings).  We’re getting stoked and we hope you are too!