Winter Solstice Actif Epica Course Recon Ride This Sunday

Date: Sunday, December 21st, 2014

Time: 9:00 am (ok, so not exactly the solstice, that’s at 5:03 pm)

Location: Meet in St. Pierre-Jolys in the parking lot of ‘Le Routier’ restaurant (on the East side of the highway right on the main road in town, ~1hr South from the Perimeter of Winnipeg on Hwy. 59)

Purpose: To preview section 1 of the Actif Epica course from St. Malo to St. Pierre (we’ll ride from St. Pierre to St. Malo and then back so you get to see it twice!)

Who: Dan Lockery will be riding at a slow rolling pace (on a fat bike) and would love it if you brought ANY type of bike and join him (bring friends on bikes too!).

The Plan: To scout the first section of the AE route, take some pictures and enjoy a fun, sociable ride out and back to St. Malo from St. Pierre. The total distance is approximately 25km one-way, with possible refuelling stops (and/or to feed your caffeine addiction) at each end of the route. I will be heading out at 9:15am sharp from Le Routier, if you arrive later, feel free to follow and catch up with us along the route as we will be moving at a comfortable pace and stopping periodically to take pictures.

Important Note: All participants join us at their own risk (e.g. please be safe, wear appropriate winter riding clothing, a helmet, bring blinky lights for improved visibility if you have them, food, water, etc.). Citing a famous quote, “YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR YOU”, so please respect the nature of a winter riding adventure, it can be merciless.

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