Welcome to the Actif Epica 2017 LiveBlog!

Following Actif Epica Throughout the Day

We’ll be populating this page throughout the race, with real-time updates and commentary, so you can follow along with the action. Checkpoint volunteers, the organizing team and others will be feeding us information, reports and pictures to post here— so you’ll get a birds-eye view of the whole course!

Social Media

We’ll be keeping an eye on Twitter and Instagram and reposting some things here. You can get our attention with shareable content by mentioning us @ActifEpica or using the hashtags #ActifEpica and #ActifEpica2017 on either platform. We won’t be monitoring Facebook.

Checkpoints & Timings

You can get a whole overview of checkpoint times in and out by going to this page. It will update in real time as checkpoints report in.

Final times are now posted here.

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