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We’ll be populating this page throughout the race, with real-time updates and commentary, so you can follow along with the action. Checkpoint volunteers, the organizing team and others will be feeding us information, reports and pictures to post here— so you’ll get a birds-eye view of the whole course!

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Checkpoints & Timings

You can get a whole overview of checkpoint times in and out by going to this page. It will update in real time as checkpoints report in.

Final times are now posted here.

Scott Wiebe 18/02/201706:04

We’re at the finish line / Command Central ready to post updates as they come to us! Good luck to everyone out there. Living The Dream!

Scott Wiebe 18/02/201706:11

Interesting conditions out there this morning. We predict some parts of the route could be surprisingly fast, and other parts could be very slow. How will that affect overall progress? We’ll let you know!

Deanna Wiebe 18/02/201706:14

Our first racers should be on their way! Runners scheduled to leave Ridgeville at 6am. Good luck all!

Scott Wiebe 18/02/201706:55

Just got word that the Ridgeville folks started a bit late – 6:30 am instead of 6:00 am. But they’re all on the road now.

Scott Wiebe 18/02/201707:22

Emerson folks were only delayed a minute or 2 at the start but hit to road just after 7:00 am and are now on course. Pics to follow.

Scott Wiebe 18/02/201707:37

Emerson start pics

 photo IMG_0089_zpsepdbgfyp.jpg

 photo IMG_0090_zps3tw3exff.jpg

Scott Wiebe 18/02/201707:45

Your morning RaceComm and LiveBlog team stationed at The Forks. Not as exciting as racer photos, but it’s all we’ve got at the moment. We’re try’n 🙂

 photo IMG_0087_zpsihmgxbbk.jpg

David Pensato 18/02/201707:46

Just outside Ridgeville and there’s already been a good amount of walking!

David Pensato 18/02/201707:50

Plenty of excitement to go around. 🙂

David Pensato 18/02/201707:58

Sweaty faces this early on the 200k could spell trouble.

Scott Wiebe 18/02/201708:02

Pics from outside Ridgeville:

 photo IMG_0091_zps1jchlnu9.jpg
 photo IMG_0092_zpsajocobuc.jpg
 photo IMG_0093_zpsnwdfde8t.jpg

Scott Wiebe 18/02/201708:19

Random pic from out on the road:

 photo IMG_0094_zps5tt4hovy.jpg

Scott Wiebe 18/02/201708:37

Looks like a beautiful day…and are tough slog…

 photo IMG_0095_zpsfyvduzir.jpg
Justin Lee 18/02/201708:57

What a difference a year makes! Last year, Emerson was -26°C and felt like -35°C with the wind chill at 7am. So far, we’re looking at above zero temperatures, sun, and a slight wind. With the warmth comes a whole bunch of challenges for route conditions: stickier, softer & hollow snow, glare, inconsistent surfaces, ice, water, and mud.

Scott Wiebe 18/02/201709:03

Those lucky enough to stay on top of the crust will have an advantage. Others…not so lucky.

 photo IMG_0096_zpshxr1sm8p.jpg

Scott Wiebe 18/02/201709:10

That time committee member Justin was in Finland last year during Actif Epica:

 photo IMG_0099_zpsod2wkhrd.jpeg

Scott Wiebe 18/02/201709:14

What a beautiful morning. It’s a great day to be alive.

 photo IMG_0100_zps05rnzlvb.jpg

Scott Wiebe 18/02/201709:23

Tiny dot just left of the bluff. All alone in a pancake field.

 photo IMG_0101_zpsljmzjqym.jpg

Scott Wiebe 18/02/201709:50

Dan Lockery #54 moving like a freight train. Lucky to even get a picture he came by so fast!

 photo IMG_0102_zpsutds0fik.jpg

Scott Wiebe 18/02/201709:58

Update from out on the road:

The 200km racers are all approaching or going through Senkiw right now.

All the 120km cyclists are at or through St Pierre (some enjoying pea soup and bannock), runners are no more than 5k out. One runner #10 has left St.. Pierre already .

Scott Wiebe 18/02/201710:05

St. Pierre volunteers. They make the world go ’round!

 photo IMG_0103_zpszhdt3dtp.jpeg

Scott Wiebe 18/02/201710:14

Random part of the course was unexpectedly plowed since our last recon. It’s fast at the moment, but could get slow as the day progresses

 photo IMG_0104_zpspss884ox.jpg

David Pensato 18/02/201710:21

That random part is Crown Valley Road. 🙂

Scott Wiebe 18/02/201710:56

Competitor #52, straight from New Delhi to the (sorta) frozen tundra of southern Manitoba. And still a smile on his face. Way to go!

 photo IMG_0200_zpsqoqrnl9u.jpg

 photo IMG_0198_zpswegwajez.jpg

Scott Wiebe 18/02/201711:03

The St. Pierre check point. Pictured are our awesome medics and volunteers. Thank you for keeping the racers safe and cared for guys!

 photo IMG_0110_zpsirdgsvre.jpg

Scott Wiebe 18/02/201711:05

St. Pierre check point food. Don’t you wish you were racing?

 photo IMG_0109_zpsks6zaeyv.jpg

 photo IMG_0107_zpsmmfwwl8k.jpg

Scott Wiebe 18/02/201711:07

These guys say there’s a ton of mud leading in to Crystal Springs.

 photo IMG_0111_zpsklcz14kc.jpg

Scott Wiebe 18/02/201711:12

A shout out to one of our sponsors, Salsa Cycles. Makers of some of the most beautiful, and functional, bikes around. We love ’em! salsacycles.com

 photo IMG_0112_zpsms7tmq0e.jpeg

Scott Wiebe 18/02/201711:23

First cyclists thru the Niverville Checkpoint. #68 is fly’n

 photo IMG_0113_zpslrp7la4x.jpg

Scott Wiebe 18/02/201711:27

Last of the 120km cyclists at the St. Pierre check point

 photo IMG_0115_zpsy5xbv7y9.jpg

Scott Wiebe 18/02/201711:30

We’re not posting official times from Senkiw Bridge (a support point where water is available to racers, but not an official check point) but here is the latest info on all of the racers who started in Emerson and Ridgeville and are now through Senkiw: 10:35#54, 10:36#25#16, 10:58#1#11#59, 10:59#22#28,#36,#43, 11:02#12, 11:09#19, 11:14#56 #8 is falling off the back (it happens to the best of us).

Scott Wiebe 18/02/201711:32

#21 and #61, stopping in at Niverville (received photo a little while ago, so they may already be back on course by the time of this posting

 photo IMG_0114_zpsunghye3j.jpg

Scott Wiebe 18/02/201711:34

#41, enjoying a brief snack in Niverville

 photo IMG_0116_zpsnptcgxzp.jpg

Scott Wiebe 18/02/201711:41

Another update from Senkiw Bridge:

11:24#63, 11:27#58, 11:32#8. This means that all 162 km runners & 4 200 km cyclists are now over the bridge.

Scott Wiebe 18/02/201711:48

Shapansky Road. It’s getting sloppy out there

 photo IMG_0117_zpsdyfk9lpx.jpg

Scott Wiebe 18/02/201711:50

New category in 2018?

 photo IMG_0118_zpsvhvtf53r.jpg

Deanna Wiebe 18/02/201712:18

We’ve just received word from St. Malo that #39 Artur Pich has arrived!

Scott Wiebe 18/02/201712:22

Just received word that Steven Sloat is on crown valley road riding in a t-shirt. Wow! And it’s muddy.

Appearnatly he’s periodically posting live video updates of his trek if anyone is friends with him on Facebook.

Scott Wiebe 18/02/201712:24

#18 enjoying a world famous Niverville Check Point snack

 photo IMG_0119_zpsqm5y8m0m.jpg

Scott Wiebe 18/02/201712:41

Gorgeous pic of riders near the beginning of their trek:

 photo IMG_0121_zps66zjkkie.jpg

Scott Wiebe 18/02/201712:44

Final Senkiw Bridge update: 11:44 #29#51, 12:08#45#60#7, 12:17#40, 12:31#53

This means all racers are thru Ridgeville!

Deanna Wiebe 18/02/201712:44

Our first 200K rider has just been through St. Malo! Dan Lockery #54

Scott Wiebe 18/02/201712:49

A couple of races found some company for a stretch

 photo IMG_0122_zpsgwd9ysf2.jpg

Scott Wiebe 18/02/201712:57

#27 and #37 enjoying their time in Niverville. Al Dixon, lead volunteer for that checkpoint, makes an appearance.

 photo IMG_0123_zps7j18wwso.jpg

Scott Wiebe 18/02/201713:56

News from the floodway: Just had #20, #61, and #68 go past. Tough stretch to that point, but their pace should pick from there to U of M, and then on to the finish line at The Forks.

Scott Wiebe 18/02/201714:07

#58 at the St. Malo Checkpoint.

 photo IMG_0126_zpsr26jzjll.jpg

Scott Wiebe 18/02/201714:26

Senkiw update (we’re posting Senkiw Bridge updates here because it’s not an official check point so there’s no place to note these updates on the live Check Points and Timings sheet. For check point in and out times you can look there):

1:09#17, 2:03#38, 2:10#30, 2:15#21. 14, 46, &66 are left.

Justin Lee 18/02/201714:47

Scott Miller, Peter Lowen, and John Encarnacao left the U of M at 14:35. They’re leading the 120km bike and should be at the Finish really, really soon!

Scott Wiebe 18/02/201714:51

HUGE shoutout to Trails MB Executive Director Steve Demmings and Crow Wing Trail president Murielle Bugera:

 photo IMG_0127_zpswqzyo34x.jpg

Justin Lee 18/02/201714:54

#45, Jim Raddatz checks into St Malo after starting in Emerson at 7am this morning

Justin Lee 18/02/201715:05

#41 Chris Sundby after Shepansky

Justin Lee 18/02/201715:30

Justin Lee 18/02/201715:33

Justin Lee 18/02/201715:53

Justin Lee 18/02/201716:08

200km Bikers Update

11/18 have made it in and out of St Malo.
The leader, Dan Lockery is so far the only one to clear St Pierre-Jolys.

Justin Lee 18/02/201716:09

Justin Lee 18/02/201716:16

Finish on the right, our partners Green Action Centre celebrating the Jack Frost Challenge on the left!

Justin Lee 18/02/201716:28

Justin Lee 18/02/201716:58

We couldn’t do this without our volunteers! Here’s the early crew from St Malo.

Justin Lee 18/02/201717:00

Christopher Sundby is our forth 120km bike finisher this year!

Justin Lee 18/02/201717:18

Some photos from the field:

Justin Lee 18/02/201717:18

David Pensato 18/02/201717:27

Rover Craig Desjarlais says: “Trekkers are putting in a hard days work.” at Harmonic RD

David Pensato 18/02/201717:28

This image sums up St Pierre-Jolys at the moment:

David Pensato 18/02/201718:00

Waist deep water just north of St Malo park, where there’s usually massive amounts of snow.

We have a way around, but a number of participants have arrived very wet at St Pierre-Jolys

David Pensato 18/02/201718:06

Sophie and Brent at St Adolphe:

“Little problems with a derailer for one of these competitors. 1st runner just left St Adolph (30 minutes ago— Jonathan Erber)”

David Pensato 18/02/201718:08

Folks, as the day gets on, things are getting uglier.

So much for all the fine people who have been saying “well at least the weather will be nice for you!” in the last few days.

They had no idea.

David Pensato 18/02/201718:09

Nevertheless, most on the course and coming off seem to be in good spirits.

David Pensato 18/02/201718:16

Here’s how Jarret Labuick looked at the finish:

Justin Lee 18/02/201718:46

Checking in from St Pierre-Jolys, it’s really wet out there. The temperature’s dropping though, and some reports that the course is freezing up.

Justin Lee 18/02/201718:58

Scott Kummer and Scott Sugimoto make their way into St Adolphe. They’re the second and third 120km runners to do so.

David Pensato 18/02/201719:06

We saw him arriving at St Malo with the same easy-going demeanour. Amazing.

David Pensato 18/02/201719:07

Now that would be a welcome checkpoint at this time of day. Ribs!

David Pensato 18/02/201719:09

Ready for some interesting stats?

Because we’ve got a few!

David Pensato 18/02/201719:13

Here’s how this year’s field breaks out geographically:

Canada 45 Ontario Manitoba Saskatchewan Alberta
1 39 1 3
United States 26 Tennessee Michigan Illinois Wisconsin Missouri Iowa Minnesota North Dakota
1 1 1 3 1 1 16 3
Brazil 1 São Paulo
India 1 New Delhi
David Pensato 18/02/201719:20

One more through: 23, Joel Toews

David Pensato 18/02/201719:20

Joel Lost his seat coming over the St Vital Bridge.

Justin Lee 18/02/201719:45

Joel may have lost his saddle, but he’s certainly found the floor.

Justin Lee 18/02/201720:22

Big thanks to one of our sponsors, GORP. Their energy bars are well needed for our participants today.

Ian Hall 18/02/201720:59

#29 Steele & # 60 Coward rode by Crown Valley & 200 – they say it’s firming up.

Ian Hall 18/02/201721:04

Another update from one of our fantastic volunteer course rovers – thanks Tom!

Every little degree counts … esp when -1C means the muddy sections are now firming up!”

Ian Hall 18/02/201721:07

200km riders in from the dark at Crystal Spring

#7 Ryan Haug

#45 Jim Raddatz hailing from Aylmer, Ontario

#53 Crystal Spring’s own Pete McAdams

Ian Hall 18/02/201721:24

Our latest group of epic voyageurs!

Displaying IMG_7110.JPG

Ian Hall 18/02/201721:34

200km riders # 7 Haug and #45 Raddatz past Crown Valley Rd & PR200. “We found the early going tough up to St Malo – glad it’s firming up now”

Ian Hall 18/02/201721:51

Volunteer Dave (aka Bicycle Repair Man) took this great shot of our medics doing their thing. I believe this is racer #10, Jonathan Erber from St. Paul, MN. Jonathan suffered a twisted ankle on the rugged Crow Wing Trail but is doing alright – warm and safe in St. Adolphe.

Ian Hall 18/02/201722:13

200km KC Turczak pushed the last set of wheels through Crystal Spring checkpoint. Good job!

Ian Hall 18/02/201722:25

Weather update: After a high today of +3C, we’ve now dipped to a low of -2C. Winds have shifted to the north, which will be in racers’ faces for much of the northern part of the trail. Fortunately they are light. High humidity could lead to fog tonight and low visibility – fortunately everyone is carrying blinking lights front and rear, a headlamp and wearing reflective vests.

Ian Hall 18/02/201722:36

Congratulations to #35, Jocelyn Mclean on a great finish!

When asked how does it feel to be done? Jocelyn says: “I’m going to die now” (and laughs)

Rest up!

Displaying IMG_7113.JPG

Another memorable Actif Epica – Actif Epica 17/02/201318:18

[…] Actif Epica is more than an ultra endurance race. It is a celebration of human resilience, of the unique landscape and culture of southern Manitoba, and a call to action– to get outside and have fun. Last year’s edition proved a great success. […]

Ian Hall 18/02/201722:48

200K Fatbiker 58 Dan Luebke and Runners 13 Kummer and 24 Sugimoto at Floodway at 22:34 – still smiling

Another memorable Actif Epica – Actif Epica 17/02/201320:40

[…] Co-Actif Events […]

Ian Hall 18/02/201723:10

200Km Fatbiker 51 Mike Alperyn past the Floodway and riding strong. Mike is a multiple finisher of Actif Epica and returned this year for the longer distance event.

Ian Hall 18/02/201723:53

Wow! Our first 200km finisher!
Dan Lockery finishes with a time of 23:26. “No I don’t want to sit down. I’ve been sitting all day!” He was feeling a bit tired as seen from his picture.

Displaying IMG_7116.JPG

Ian Hall 18/02/201723:59

Fatbiker 29 Marcus Steele came past the Floodway at 23:15 – just back of riders 56, 63 and 60.

Ian Hall 19/02/201700:08

Race communication centre has shifted to Sechelt, BC. Sporting the vintage Actif Epica t-shirt (2014 edition) for the overnight shift.

Displaying IMG_3960.JPG

Ian Hall 19/02/201700:14

Weather update, as of midnight: it has warmed up again – now at just -0.8C. Tough, wet conditions for our runners and cyclists.

Ian Hall 19/02/201700:18

Displaying IMG_20170218_232307423.jpg

Just when we mentioned tough conditions, this picture arrives. This is #58 Dan Luebke’s bike – drivetrain is iced up but he says he’s doing fine.

Ian Hall 19/02/201700:22

Props from our former volunteer coordinator to the good people making this year’s Actif Epica happen:

Displaying image.png

David Pensato 19/02/201700:22

With runners arriving in Crystal Springs at an approximate time of 3 hours from St Pierre-Jolys, their ETA at Niverville has them straddling the cutoff line.

Count ‘em up, and join ‘em | Actif Epica 29/11/201315:49

[…] Race Roster 2014 […]

karine travaillaud 03/12/201300:15

I amregistered for the first timeand interested to have help preparing my experience. I wil behappy to share my prepariton and race feedback on a blog.

David Pensato 19/02/201700:32

Earlier today, Kyle and I were out trying to capture Actif Epica cyclists (and Manitoba Yetis) in their natural habitat.

Some days the office is better than others. #actifepica

A post shared by Kyle Thomas (@kylebradleythomas) on

David Pensato 19/02/201700:34

Joel finished with no seat.

Congratulations to my buddy @joeltoews, who finished the 120km #actifepica by bike.

A post shared by Mallory Richard (@malloryrichard) on

Ian Hall 19/02/201700:41

Important update:

Cutoff time for the Niverville checkpoint for all 160km runners has been extended to 04:30 Sunday due to start delays (this is time OUT of Niverville). The finish cutoff is correspondingly adjusted to 18:00 Sunday.

Cutoff times for 120km and 200km events remain unchanged.
Ian Hall 19/02/201700:46

Thanks to Black Earth Grills for ribs and moral support at the Crystal Spring checkpoint!

David Pensato 19/02/201700:50

David Pensato 19/02/201700:51

Ian Hall 19/02/201700:53

We’ve got Dan Luebke coming second in the 200km event at 00:37 “You know what I want? A cheese burger!”

Chapeau, Dan!

Displaying IMG_7117.JPG

Ian Hall 19/02/201701:09

More 200km finishers:

#51 Michael Alperyn @ 00:48 Sunday
#56 David Ristau @ 00:48 Sunday

Ian Hall 19/02/201701:15

Finished at 00:48 – #63 Svetlana Vold

Displaying IMG_7118.JPG

Ian Hall 19/02/201701:36

We have another 200k finisher in #60 Kate Coward of Golden Valley, MN. “Happy to be off the river.”

Ian Hall 19/02/201701:53

Final athletes are through Crystal Spring checkpoint. Racer #11 Chuck Fritz put in a great effort but elected not to continue.

Thanks to our hosts at Crystal Spring and to Black Earth Grills for some choice energy sources today!

Ian Hall 19/02/201702:35

FatBikers 53 McAdams & 40 Landgraff past the Floodway at 01:40 and pressing home!

Ian Hall 19/02/201702:55

#29 Marcus Steel finishes at 02:39 – well done!

Displaying IMG_-s8fydd.jpg

Ian Hall 19/02/201703:00

Riders are doing well. Happy to have just a short hop to the finish after the tough slog through the floodway.

#38 KC Turczak and 17 Damion Tryon enjoying U of M.

Displaying 20170219_025343.jpg

Ian Hall 19/02/201703:50

In case you’re following along at this late hour…

We have some groups of 100-mile runners making their way towards Niverville – a group of 4 (16 Paul Schlagel, 28 Erik Raivo, 36 Kari Gibbons & 59 Jeff Rock), followed by a pair (12 Daniel Slater and 22 Randy Kottke) and then another pair (19 Greg MacNeill and 43 Krystee Van Den Bosch). 200km rider Mauricio Estevez from Sao Paulo Brazil is someone in the same area – heading for the warmth and hospitality of the Niverville Arena. The runners need to leave Niverville before 4:30 a.m. to make the time cutoff. Undoubtedly the comraderie of running with others is helping manage the darkness and boundless scale of the prairie.

Closer to the finish, we have #39 Artur Pich (Winnipeg – 100 miles/160km) and #52 Gaurav Madan (New Delhi – 120km) getting close to UofM.

And getting very close to acheiving the goal they’ve been working at all day (and all night), we have three groups between UofM and the Forks:

Group 1 – 13 Scott Kummer of Chicago & 24 Scott Sugimoto of Winnipeg – 120km run

Group 2 – 17 Damion Tryon of Winnipeg (or Altona) & 38 KC Turczak of Winnipeg – 200 km ride

Group 3 – 7 Ryan Haug of Fargo ND, 40 Ken Landgraff of Winnipeg, 45 Jim Raddatz of Aylmer ON, 53 Pete McAdams of Ste Agathe MB – all 200km riders

Ian Hall 19/02/201704:02

7 Ryan Haug of Fargo ND, 40 Ken Landgraff of Winnipeg, 45 Jim Raddatz of Aylmer ON, 53 Pete McAdams of Ste Agathe MB have all finished the 200km trek from Emerson! Great job!

Ian Hall 19/02/201704:34

If you’re up this late, you’re probably really suggestible… 🙂 So why not stop in to some of our event sponsors’ shops and say thanks and maybe get yourself some new kit?

Big thanks to Olympia Cycle & Ski at 1813 Portage Avenue, sellers of fine goods including Salsa bikes.

Our good friends at City Park Runners – great sale on shoes through the end of the month – treat yourself!

Mountain Equipment Co-op is a long-time supporter of Actif Epica. Thanks!

We’re honoured to have the support of Gorp – and to pass by Gorp world headquarters near Niverville. Fuel your next adventure with something that actually tastes good!

Green Action Centre – our partner and the brains behind the superfun Jack Frost Challenge.

Our partners and hosts along the race route: Town of Emerson, Ridgeville Community Hall, St. Malo Arena, St. Pierre-Jolys, Crystal Spring, Town of Niverville, St. Adolphe, University of Manitoba / SmartPark Event Centre, and the Forks. These are the communities that make Actif Epica possible, and that make it great.

The Distillery – the people who conceived, founded and designed Actif Epica. Imagine what they could do for you.


A HUGE thank you / un grand merci to the Crow Wing Trail. We (organizers, racers and members of your communities) are so very, very thankful for the trail and grateful for the countless volunteer hours that have gone into establishing and maintaining the trails.

David Pensato 10/02/201417:41
Ian Hall 19/02/201704:57

160km runner #39 Artur Pich is cruising! In to UofM Smart Park Event Centre checkpoint at 4:49. Go go go!

David Pensato 14/02/201417:12

The Race Tracker below will be updated every 20 minutes or so, but we’ll post official arrivals on this stream in as close to real time as possible. If it’s not here, it’s not official.

Ian Hall 19/02/201705:39

The live blog will be quiet for a few hours. Watch for an update coming around 9:00 a.m. central. Thanks for following with us tonight and cheering the racers on!

Justin Lee 19/02/201708:48

Good morning! We’re back with the live blog.

#52, Gaurav Madan completed the 120km run Sunday at 07:22
#39 Artur Pich completed the 200km run Sunday at 07:30.

The six runners (12, 16, 22, 28, 36, 59) remaining all left St Adolphe at 07:30
Our last 200km rider left St Adolphe at 06:13

Scott Wiebe 19/02/201709:19

#21 (last cyclist) is at the U of M, getting some TLC before he carries on. He’ll be starting the home stretch soon!

 photo IMG_0130_zpseez6zp1m.jpg

Scott Wiebe 19/02/201709:40

#21 (final cyclist) has left the U of M and his on his way to The Forks. Home stretch! photo IMG_0748_zpsbnb553b8.jpg
 photo IMG_0132_zps4xjfdv8l.jpg

Justin Lee 19/02/201709:50

And here’s our 162km run finisher #39 Artur Pich with our final 120km run finisher #52 Gaurav Madan have a well-deserved rest at the Forks this morning!

Justin Lee 19/02/201711:04

#21 Mauricio Estevez finishes on Sunday at 10:45. That’s all of the 200km riders.

The six 162 runners remaining en route to the U of M checkpoint.

Scott Wiebe 19/02/201711:26

Runners 16 & 59 past the Floodway at 10:52 – yay!Here’s a link to some brief video of them passing through:

Deanna Wiebe 19/02/201712:15

The last four runners have made their way past the floodway! #12, 22, 28, 36 were headed thorugh St. Norbert on their way to U of M about 11:30 or so. Woohoo!

David Pensato 19/02/201713:35

Final 6 runners have made it to U of M!

Looks like they will easily make their cutoff.
David Pensato 19/02/201713:35

“Easily” being a highly relative term in this context.

Scott Wiebe 19/02/201714:11

Anticipating some of the final competitors at the U of M. Since this pic was snapped they’ve all come and gone, braving the final home stretch as this is typed.

 photo IMG_0755_zpstedx7rtp.jpg

Scott Wiebe 19/02/201714:28

 photo IMG_0760_zpsosl2uv60.jpg
Giving the thumbs up 140km’s into a run! Now he’s on his way again with the finish line in sight. Figuratively.

 photo IMG_0762_zpsjxmblzej.jpg

Scott Wiebe 19/02/201714:33

Last photo dump from the U of M checkpoint, while we wait for the final competitors to make their through the final leg to The Forks.

 photo IMG_0787_zpszgdkuegr.jpg

 photo IMG_0786_zpsvwimfysd.jpg

 photo IMG_0785_zps0vsq1frx.jpg

 photo IMG_0780_zpsx51v5wsy.jpg

 photo IMG_0779_zps8igt94lz.jpg

 photo IMG_0775_zpsizth1pty.jpg

Scott Wiebe 19/02/201714:33

Last photo dump from the U of M checkpoint, while we wait for the final competitors to make their through the final leg to The Forks.

 photo IMG_0787_zpszgdkuegr.jpg

 photo IMG_0786_zpsvwimfysd.jpg

 photo IMG_0785_zps0vsq1frx.jpg

 photo IMG_0780_zpsx51v5wsy.jpg

 photo IMG_0779_zps8igt94lz.jpg

 photo IMG_0775_zpsizth1pty.jpg

Scott Wiebe 19/02/201715:48

We’re ready to welcome the final racers….the first of the last 6 still on the course are expected in the next half hour or so (a little past 4:00pm)

 photo IMG_0146_zpsjuhexrnv.jpg

Scott Wiebe 19/02/201715:53

The hardware awaits the final finishers:
 photo IMG_0147_zpsla4shnoq.jpg

David Pensato 19/02/201715:58

I love that the final runners will be coming through a fashion show dance party at the rotunda at The Forks.

David Pensato 19/02/201716:13

With the river now sporting ankle deep water in sections, this final group is coming down the path behind Mulvey St and over the pedestrian bridge into The Forks.

David Pensato 15/02/201410:45

About half of all participants through St Pierre

David Pensato 15/02/201410:45

About half of all participants through St Pierre

Scott Wiebe 19/02/201717:28

What do you call the final racers across the line? 2017 Actif Epica Finishers!

 photo IMG_0152_zpsqy42zorl.jpg

 photo IMG_0151_zpsfgx3lbkm.jpg

Scott Wiebe 19/02/201717:31

Finish Line Voyageurs

 photo IMG_0153_zpsoo3ziaor.jpg

Scott Wiebe 19/02/201717:48

The aftermath…
 photo IMG_0154_zpsdumk7ioc.jpg

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