Updated Course for 2016

Here is the latest on the planned course for the 2016 race. The big news for the upcoming event is the addition of a 160 km option for the cyclists.

The 160 km course starts with a 34 km leg taking you south and checking in again at the St. Malo Arena checkpoint. From there the course is essentially the same as previous years until you are north of St. Adolphe.

The original distance of 125 km is for both cyclists and runners. As with the 160 km course, it remains virtually unchanged from previous years until you are on Schapansky Road nearing the floodway.

Heading west to Duff Roblin Provincial Park where you will cross the Red River on the Floodway Control structure and then head to La Barriere Park via St. Norbert before continuing to the University of Manitoba.

The draft version of the course is available for preview on this Google Map.

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