The Order of the Hrimthurs

tOotH-OCT2012Everyone participating in Actif Epica should be commended, whether they are volunteers, partners, Jack Frost Challenge participants or racers. We have an official 43 entries into this year’s ultramarathon, up from last year’s 30, but we also have a special new breed of contestant.

This year, we’ve teamed up with Tuscobia in Wisconsin and the Arrowhead Ultra in Minnesota to form a triple-crown event. Racers who complete all three winter ultramarathons will be inducted into The Order of the Hrimthurs.

We weren’t sure if anyone would make it this first year, but 11 people passed the tests of Tuscobia and Arrowhead, with 5 of those registered for Actif Epica: Alex Oenes, Dan Lockery, Chris Scotch, Hal Loewen and Mark Scotch.

We’re excited and honoured to be working with these two other ultras to offer the Order of the Hrimthurs, and especially want to commend the hearty racers who will achieve it.

We’ll keep you posted.

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