Return of the Hrimthurs

The Order of the Hrimthurs

Say it “Rhyme-Thurs”

For the second year running, we’re proud to be the third race in an upper midwest/international winter ultra race triple crown called the the Order of the Hrimthurs (“rhyme-thurs”).  The Hrimthurs are legendary frost giants. And shadowy figures who are watching the endeavors of winter ultra racers, deeming them worthy of being counted among those who have slain them.

Racers who complete the 150-mile race at the Tuscobia Winter Ultra, the Arrowhead 135 Ultra and Actif Epica in the same season will receive the rare honour of being inducted into this prestigious order. In 2013/14, only five racers achieved this feat (travel mode for Tuscobia, Arrowhead and Actif Epica respectively, indicated):

Mark Scotch, Plover WI (ski/ski/bike)

Chris Scotch, Los Gatos CA (run/run/run)

Alex Oenes, Minneapolis MN (bike/bike/bike)

Hal Loewen, Winnipeg MB (bike/bike/bike)

Dan Lockery, Winnipeg MB (bike/bike/bike)

Think you have it in you to make it into the order? You can sign up for email updates from these stern and powerful overseers, but basically all you have to do is enter the three races and finish. It’s as easy – and as hard – as that. Those inducted into the order will receive a special award.

Further information:

Tuscobia Winter Ultra

Arrowhead 135 Ultra

The Order of the Hrimthurs — official site

What are the rhimthurs anyway? Check Wikipedia, or this entry about Norse Mythology.


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