Registration Holding Pattern

Hi there. You got to this page because you tried to register for a previous year.

Actif Epica 2015 will be on Valentine’s Day (February 14th), but registration is closed now.

Actif Epica 2016 will be on February 13th. Registrations will open sometime in October of 2015.

In the mean time, here’s what we said about qualifying last year:

Taking part in an ultra endurance event is serious business. Please make sure you’ve read The Actif Epica Race Bible before completing your application.

Completing one of the below accomplishments would typically qualify an entrant for this year’s Actif Epica; however, entry is not guaranteed. The race directors reserve the right to change the rules in the interest of safety and sportsmanship or for any reason deemed appropriate by the race officials.

The race directors reserve the right to select entrants based on other important considerations, as well as due to the requirements of insurers and regulatory agencies. Basically, we look for both endurance and cold weather experience. Below are general guidelines.

Qualifying activities for runners:

  • Accepted entry into previous edition of Actif Epica.
  • Finishing 50-mile foot race or completed multi-sport event.

Qualifying activities for bikers:

  • Accepted entry into previous edition of Actif Epica.
  • Finishing 24 hour bike race, with minimum of 100 miles completed for off-road, or 200 miles on road.
  • Finishing Tuscobia (75 mile), Arrowhead or a similar challenging type of winter event.

Other combinations of winter and adventure experience may be considered. Not sure if you qualify? Contact us – let’s discuss it.

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