One Month to Go! Group Ride/Run January 25th

One month to go! Are you ready?

For those looking to do an equipment shakedown, check out a section of the course, or connect with other racers (or all three), please c’mon out for a self-supported ride or run. We’ll be joined by Kim Kaschor of Shaw TV who will be putting together a video feature, so we hope you’ll consider sharing your training stories, motivations and goals with the crew.

When: Saturday, January 25th at 11 a.m.

Where: Meet in St. Adolphe on Main Street at Tache Avenue

What: Self-supported easy pace ride and run heading north on the Actif Epica course. Turn around at the Floodway (32km round trip), or sooner, as you prefer. You are responsible for you, there will be no outside support for this gathering. Video will be taken. In case of (very, very) inclement weather, check the website for updates.

Who: Currently-registered and prospective Actif Epica participants, you.

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