The Maniyeti has been spotted around Winnipeg! We’re tracking sightings on this page.


February 18th—Spotted at the Winnipeg Art Gallery:

ManiYeti Examining CircleIMG_000193ManiYeti in WAGManiYeti examining igloo at WAG

February 14th—Ice it to work day:

mani yeti-130214-KT-001 mani yeti-130214-KT-002 mani yeti-130214-KT-003 mani yeti-130214-KT-004 mani yeti-130214-KT-005 mani yeti-130214-KT-006 mani yeti-130214-KT-007 mani yeti-130214-KT-008 mani yeti-130214-KT-009 mani yeti-130214-KT-010 mani yeti-130214-KT-011 mani yeti-130214-KT-012 mani yeti-130214-KT-013 mani yeti-130214-KT-014 mani yeti-130214-KT-015 mani yeti-130214-KT-016

February 12th—Parlour Coffee:

He's ba-ack.


February 13th—Parlour Coffee:

February 16th—visiting downtown

February 17—CBC Radio Noon with Joff Schmidt

February 17—Ice it to Work Day

photos: Kyle Thomas