Luc from MEC presents Dressing for Winter Activity 101

Whether you’re taking on the 130km ultramarathon challenge, building some snow art or getting outside at a co-event, dressing for winter activity will keep you warm and comfortable.  Luc from event partner Mountain Equipment Co-op walks us through the basics.

Thanks to Jared Falk for video work.

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  1. Luke, and the rest of the people at MEC have been super helpful at getting me the equipment I need to do this (my first Ultra) race. I would see employees stop what they were doing, as soon as they recognized I was one of the Activ participants, and dedicate themselves to solving my problems. As for the equipment: for me, top notch. If I can’t make this equipment work, it’s not the equipment that’s the problem 😉 Bravo to you, MEC.

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