Ian Hall in Arrowhead 135

As you may already know, the bike challenge portion of Actif Epica was inspired in part by the Arrowhead 135 in Minnesota. AE organizer Ian Hall not only completed (not everyone does) the 135 mile (~220 km) challenge, he finished 14th out of 125 entrants after 27 hours of riding. He thought he could have been faster, adding “Full disclosure: I fell asleep a few times while riding and woke up standing still.”

This year, he’s back, hoping to improve his time “which is a bit relative, since conditions vary from year to year – hopefully this year it won’t be -37 like last year… that was pushing it.” He won’t be the only Actif Epica crew member, as race volunteers Hal Loewen and Dallas Sigurdur are there to take it on with him.

The rest of us at Actif Epica wish them the best of luck and great conditions, as I’m sure everyone reading here will as well.

If you’re so inclined, you can follow the race as it unfolds on the live-blog.
Time checks are here.

Race coverage may prove somewhat entertaining, as people from places with no snow (like Brazil, or Florida) attempt to cope with frostbite, hypothermia, wolves and darkness. Seldom dull. Good times.

In the words of Sir Ernest Shackleton, whom Ian is known to quote:

Difficulties are just things to overcome, after all.

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  1. Go Team Blizzard Force!

    Let’s hope Ian opts for a cat-nap at a checkpoint this time or blasts his previous time.

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