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Welcome to Actif Epica!  Thanks for coming.  We hope you’ll join us for a great time in February 2012.

Get active outdoors in February—in Manitoba.  Sure, why not?  For generations we have gotten together, made memories and had winter fun.  Winter has its charms, and the combination of elegance, ingenuity and sheer tenacity with which we approach it is absolutely astounding.

Actif Epica will bring out the best of winter: a long distance bike race will challenge elite athletes in the cold, community events will bring us together to have fun, a snow structure activity will demonstrate the creativity of all ages, and education opportunities will promote growth.  We hope one or more of these ways of getting Actif motivates you to join in the celebration on February 18th.  Let us know if you need any information, and we hope to see you in Febraury!

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  1. Slick site and great initiative Ian. Count me in as well. I will follow up with what you asked about wrt winter survival info/trg.

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