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  • Some people have called Actif Epica a “do it yourself” festival, because it is truly made up of events and attractions created by participants.

    The co-event model of Actif Epica means that anyone can create a small (or large) event that is promoted as part of the celebration. We may even be able to assist you with your event planning, registration, recruiting participants, a warm-up/meeting spot or by matching you with like-minded partners interested in collaborating (details below).

    2017 Co-Actif Events

    Join in the fun!

    Frosty Face Winnipeg— Sharing a smile with the world


    Walking home frosty face

    Winnipeg officially becomes a designated Winter City in 2017. Frosty Face Winnipeg is a participatory photo project that celebrates our cold Winnipeg winters. The project aims to change attitudes in Winnipeg by leveraging available resources and promoting the cold weather as an asset. If we can take pride and thrive in our coldest darkest days then anything is possible every other day of the year.

    Frost me!

    Bougeons en hiver— the Jack Frost Challenge


    Jack Frost Challenge

    Complete the classic Actif Epica distance with friends throughout the week while having fun! Once again, Green Action Centre is challenging Manitobans province-wide to participate in human powered activity in the week leading up to Actif Epica. Team up with up to five friends and commit to racking up 130 km of walking, biking, snow-shoeing, skiing, skating or whatever  self-propelled mode of transportation suits your fancy! Details on the Green Action Centre Website soon.

    The more the merrier

    Become Co-Actif!

    If you have a community, group or family event planned, or would like to organize something, please let us know – we would like to work with you in joining others to make your event a Co-Actif part of this regional celebration! Co-Actif events will be paired with a simultaneous one-day epic. Top endurance athletes will be taking on an epic 130km voyageur style bicycle or running trek across the prairie. If you’re outside you may see them pass by – cheer them on and inspire them with your joie de vivre.

    With enough events happening along the trail on February 18th, we’ll create a fantastic celebration of healthy, sustainable living (oh, and it’ll be fun too!)

    What is a Co-Actif Event?
    Simply put, a Co-Actif event is a get together during the lead-up or on February 18th, 2017 that involves active living. This get-together could be something formal, like a hockey tournament; something semi-formal, like an organized group outing; or something really casual, like a family tobogganing outing. Your shinny tournament, snowshoeing party, birding outing, or ski tour could all be registered (see below) as Co-Actif events and be part of the celebration. Maybe your church group wants to set a world record for snow angels. Maybe your family wants to show the world what cooking outdoors in Manitoba looks like. Fantastic! Register your event and join the celebration.

    What you bring:

    • An event on February 18th that fits with Actif Epica’s event 5 Principles
    • A willingness to share a couple of event day updates or photos that can form part of the live coverage of the celebration

    What Actif Epica offers you:

    • A free online registration platform for your event, hosted at (optional)
    • Free promotion of your event through our website and event team
    • Partnership opportunities including helping you identify others interested in your event, linkages to special event assistance in the city of Winnipeg and, potentially, the shared use of a community facility in Emerson, St. Malo, St. Pierre-Jolys, Niverville, St. Adolphe or Winnipeg for your event meet-up
    • The opportunity to be part of a regional celebration

    This sounds fun! What do I do next?

    • Register your Co-Actif event here. This takes about 5 minutes. You can tell us what you have planned and let us know if there is any help that we can provide you. We’ll follow up with you to confirm details and answer any questions you might have. Yep, it’s that easy.
    • Before event day, we’ll be in touch to discuss how we can get some event day news or pictures from you to capture the action at your event and feature it as part of our live online coverage – we want to make sure your Co-Actif is part of this epic celebration!

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