Fueled by Parlour

February 13, 2012—the first known picture of the ManiYeti is taken at Parlour Coffee in Winnipeg.

Maybe it’s because the crew at Parlour share the Yeti’s affinity to bikes and snow. In fact, owner Nils Vik is known to commute by bike year-round, and it’s not unusual to overhear conversations about cyclocross and other bike-culture related chatter.

Fueled by ParlourMaybe the Yeti felt it.

In any case, we’re delighted to have Parlour on board this year as one of our Partners, especially since they’ve been big supporters and fans of Actif Epica since they first caught wind of it.

This year, they’ve adopted two racers in the bike category: Mark Reimer and Daniel Enns. Each a competent rider, and each poised to ride Actif Epica for the first time.

We’ll tell you more about them later this week. For now we just wanted to let you know that Parlour loves them as much as we love Parlour Coffee, and if you happen to be in the shop on the 16th, you might just hear some chatter about where Mark and Daniel are at.

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