Final Details for Racers

Wow.  It’s Actif Epica THIS WEEK.  And the weather is unbelievably warm and sunny….

Here’s a few final details for racers – stuff to help you plan your race.

1. Gear check and pre-race meeting.  Bring your mandatory safety gear, minus your bike, to the Belgian Club, along with your halfway drop bag and finish line bag.  The Belgian Club is at 407 Provencher, and we will be meeting on the main floor.  Gear check will be from 3-7 p.m., spaghetti dinner is at 7, with a short race meeting to follow.  At 9:30 the club turns into a karaoke bar, which I only mention as a point of interest.  Dinner is free for racers and is $10 per ticket for non-racing friends and family.  We still have about a dozen tickets left for dinner, so if you’ve got a friend who’d like to join in, please let us know.  The bar will be open and has other (non-spaghetti) food options.  The bar is cash only (and is excellently stocked with Belgian brews).

2. Vanpool.  If you’d like a ride to the start, we still have a couple of van spots left.  We’ll be leaving from the Norwood Hotel parking lot (112Marion) at 6:00 a.m. (sharp) and in Island Lakes (where a few of the out-of-towners are staying) at 6:45 a.m., to arrive at about 7:30 a.m. for the (bike) start at 8.  Shuttle cost is $5.  Let us know if you’d like a ride – first come first served. [Mark, Don, Steven, Paul and Andrea, I’ve got you down for a ride; and Dallas and Chris Scotch, we’ve got you covered for a ride to the earlier runners’ start].  If you want to setup your own carpool, feel free to drop a comment on this post to connect with others who need/want a ride.

3. The start.  There will be heated washrooms and a large tent with some heat at St. Malo for the start, thanks to the Friends of St. Malo Park.  We’ll aim to marshal racers and get started quickly and on time.  So don’t be late!

4. Parking at the start.  You can park at the start, in the main St. Malo Provincial Park parking lot.  There will be security on site all day and overnight.

5. Parking at the finish.  If you want to leave your car at the finish line, you are welcome to park on the street around the Festival du Voyageur site.  Our Festival friends have asked us to remind you to make sure you park legally, as parking patrol will be on the watch.

6. Getting picked up at the finish.  The finish line will be the Maison Chaboillez (log cabin to the east ofFortGibraltar).  We’ll have the wood stove going, and some snacks.  For those racers who have enough voyageur spirit to make it to the finish line, you’ll have your finish line bag there with some dry clothes, and if it’s before midnight, you can wander around the Festival, dance a jig, etc.  Your race number will be your admission to the Festival.  Included in your race kit will be one additional adult ticket – if you’re going to have someone meet you at the finish, they’ll need this ticket to get in… once they’re in, they can head to the snow bar and watch the race updates on the giant snow screen and be there when you ride or run in.  If you’re flying solo, perhaps you can swap your ticket to another racer for some extra spaghetti…

If you’ve got any other questions, please leave a comment or raise it on Friday at the meeting.  We’re looking forward to seeing everyone at the end of the week!

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