Course Update #1

The 2014 edition of Actif Epica will be run on much the same course as last year, with a couple of changes. Although the route is mostly the same, the conditions will undoubtedly make the challenge feel very different from past years. If things continue as they are, be prepared for deep snow in a few places, my friends. Although many of the roads are clear, there are some truly amazing drifts here and there. Maniyeti is probably bounding around out there with a grin on his (?) big hairy mug.

Extended Education Complex

The east entrance to the Extended Education Complex. Head inside to register your time, grab some water, and get set for the final push to the finish line.

Updated cue sheets and GPS files will be posted before race day, but in case you’re curious about course changes or are heading out to do some training and want to check them out, they are:

1. Checkpoint #2, formerly at Providence College, has been moved about 8km down the road to Crystal Spring Colony (corner of Poirier Road and Alarie Road), at about 44km on the course (which creates second and third legs that are each just under 20km). Access to the checkpoint will be via a trail from Poirier Road, and you’ll be leaving to the north via the main driveway to connect with Alarie Road. Thank you to Providence for your past support and to our friends at Crystal Spring for hosting us this year!


Leaving the University checkpoint, head north on Sidney Smith Street until you reach the Southwood park (former golf course), then follow the trail along the top of the river bank to Darcy Drive.

2. Checkpoint #5 at the University of Manitoba will be located at the east entrance of the Extended Education Complex. Access will be from University Crescent, turning east on the pedestrian path at the intersection with Chancellor Matheson, climbing the stairs (who says we don’t have elevation on this course?), down the path, down the stairs to the checkpoint doors. When we leave, we’ll be heading north along Sidney Smith St. onto the path in Southwood park (the former golf course). This checkpoint comes late in the race, and will be in the dark for many participants. Check out the campus map or Google Earth to help you get your bearings before race day.

3. The route from Southwood park to the finish line at the Forks is still to be determined – we’re watching closely to see how the rivers are setting up, and will share details as they become available.

For those who might be interested, we’ll be planning a self-supported course scouting run/ride on Saturday, January25th at 11 a.m., staring in St. Adolphe. Full details coming soon.

Best of luck with your final month of training!

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  1. At the UofM are we allowed to take the ramp up/down or are the stairs required?

  2. It’s the path on the roof of the building when you get to U of M, for those who are unsure. There is an entrance on the West side that uses the same hallway (down the steps), but that’s not the one in this case. You have to use the other doors.

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