Checkpoints & Timings

First things first.

The spreadsheet below is updated with check-in times regularly. Times are unofficial.

Even more entertaining, is the Live Blog.

The LiveBlog (aka official updates, news, pics)

(jump to the LiveBlog now)

The LiveBlog itself will refresh in real time. We’ll be populating it throughout the race, so you can follow along with the action. Checkpoint volunteers, the organizing team and others will be feeding us content to post here— so you’ll get a birds-eye view of the whole course!


M = Mode: B = Bike, R = Run, Y = Relay
RD = Ridgeville  |  SM = Saint Malo  |  SP = Saint Pierre   |  CS = Crystal Springs  |  NV = Niverville  |  SA = St Adolphe  |  UM = University of Manitoba

200km Bike Start Time is 7:00am at Emerson.

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