Goodness Gracious, What’s Happening During the Event

Well this is it!

Participants will be arriving at The Forks from all over starting at 3:00pm. The forecast looks insanely balmy— which could prove a very interesting challenge as those out on the trail balance soft snow, muddy patches and trying to find the right balance while trying to stay both dry and warm. We’ll be kicking off our live event coverage later today, but here are a few final pieces of information we’d like you to know about.

Hospitality House Donations



We’ll be accepting donations for Hospitality House at the Actif Epica sign-in desk (in The Forks Market Food Hall) starting at 3:00pm, and again at our finish line starting at 1pm on Saturday. Tax deductible receipts will be available for donations of $20 or more. If you prefer to donate online, please do so at Canada Helps.

Updated Spectator’s Guide

Thinking of heading out on the trail to try and spy on some of the action? Download our updated Spectator’s guide, full of interesting facts, great viewing spots and points of interest along the way.

Spectators and supporters are encouraged to follow the race by visiting checkpoints and watching along the route. As the race is self-supported, no assistance is to be provided to anyone taking part (time penalties or disqualification will result).

That said, if a participant requires assistance for safety/emergency reasons (frostbite, hypothermia, exhaustion) your help would be appreciated by the race organizers. As a spectator, please strive to be self-sufficient, too, as race volunteers are focused on ensuring the safety of racers and do not have the ability to assist others. Dress warm, bring food/ water along for the day (or visit some of the great local businesses along the route) and have fun out there!

Download the printable guide here

or download the on-screen guide here.

Green Action CentreGreen Action Centre Jack Frost Challenge || Bougeons en Hiver

Green Action Centre’s annual “get outside and travel on your own steam” event is wrapping up. They’ll be with us at the finish line, congratulating participants of the week-long challenge as well as Actif Epica participants. If you haven’t done so already (and think you’ve racked up enough KMs throughout the week, you can still sign-up).

Niverville Family Snow Day: Noon to 3:00pm

A great way to see the action along the trail! The Niverville Family Snow Day is at our mid-point checkpoint and is timed perfectly to catch some of the excitement. Come out, join the fun and play in the snow as cyclists and runners from Actif Epica race on in. The outdoor snow activities will be taking place at the Niverville Arena, from 12:00-3:00 PM. Families will participate in skating, snow shoeing, snowman building, tobogganing, snow painting and possibly quinzee building.

Hey there, Frosty Face

Or maybe there’ll be more ruddy faces. But like Actif Epica, Frosty Face Winnipeg wants to show the world that around here, we know how to get outside and have fun, no matter what the weather. They’ll be on hand to snap some pictures of our finishers, Jack Frost Challenge participants, and just about anyone else who’s around having a good time outside at our finish. Keep your eyes open, and share your own pictures on Instagram, with the tag #FrostyFaceWpg.

So there’s plenty around to do and have fun with while you follow the adventure!

More to come!

130km? I could never do that. Oh yes you could.

Maybe you’re new to winter running or cycling. Maybe you’re the brother/sister/kid/spouse/co-worker of an Actif Epica racer. Heck, maybe you’re a super pro snowshoer who is just not into riding or running all day. And maybe you’re thinking 130km? In one go? In February? That’s CRAZY. And who’s to say you’re not wrong? Thankfully, my friends, there is an alternative.

If you’d like to take part in the Actif Epica experience in, let’s say, a different way, we urge you to consider signing up for the Jack Frost Challenge, hosted by our good friends and event supporters at Green Action Centre. Bougeons en hiver: The Jack Frost Challenge pushes teams of 1-5 people to skate, bike, ski, snowshoe, run or walk a *combined* total of 130 km the week of February 8-14, 2014.

Walk the dog? Yep, that counts. Weekend ski? Yep, that counts. Ride to work one day? You get the idea.

With a team of five, you only need to cover 26km each (that’s 5.2 km each day). For reference, that’s about a 45 minute walk, or a 20 minute ride. You got this.

And what do you get for undertaking such feats of winter wonder? A chance to win some great prizes from MEC, Fort Whyte Alive, Festival du Voyageur and FROGBOX Winnipeg (who is offering $30 off $100 for each registrant). Plus some fun, maybe some health benefits and some cost savings, and the satisfaction of having snapped your fingers in the face of winter and said “na-uh-uh”.

You should totally sign up.

We’ll see you out there!



Winter Cycling Congress Winnipeg

International Winter Cycling Congress Winnipeg 2014Actif Epica has always been about more than an epic 130 km ultra-endurance race. From our first year, we’ve tried to make sustainable, outdoor, human-powered recreation and transportation a centrepiece of what we do. Our Co-Actif events, from Green Action Centre’s Bougeons en hiver: The Jack Frost Challenge to family activities of all kinds, we hope that our event will inspire people to get outside and celebrate human resilience in the coldest of months in the coldest of locations.

It’s no surprise that we’re delighted to be partnering with the second International Winter Cycling Congress, which Winnipeg will be hosting in 2014. Last year’s inaugural event was held in Oulu Finland with great success.

The timing couldn’t be better. Running February 12th and 13th, it’s a perfect lead-up to Actif Epica (or maybe Actif Epica is a perfect conclusion to the Winter Cycling Congress).

Hosting people from “winter cities” all over the world, the Winter Cycling Congress “is the only international cycling conference concentrating on winter cycling. The two day event offers delegates from around the world a chance to share best practices for creating and sustaining cycling-friendly cities though out the year, even in challenging winter conditions.”

We’ll be working together on a number of initiatives, along with our hosting sponsor, The Forks and will keep you posted as things get set.

Oh, and the best part? Register for the 2nd International Winter Cycling Congress today, and get a 15% discount on race registration.