Congratulations Racers!

Congratulations to everyone who took part in the Actif Epica ultramarathon. Finishing times are below, and checkpoint times have been updated. If something seems to be amiss, please let us know.

Finishers were entered into a prize draw for some race entries:

Cory Pratt and Craig Desjarlais have each won a free entry to Tuscobia in December 2013 (any distance, though application is required for the 150 mile event).  Thank you to race organizers Chris Scotch and Helen Lavin for donating these entries.

Sue Lucas and Pete McAdams have each won a free entry to Where’s The Beach? in June 2013 – thank you to Olympia Cycling Club for contributing these prizes.




1 Lapointe, Paul 7:00
2 Loewen, Hal 7:15
3 Oenes, Alexander 7:31
4 Lockery, Dan 7:52
4 McAdams, Pete 7:52
4 Peters, John Paul 7:52
7 Nadler, Jim 8:21
7 Scotch, Mark 8:21
9 Enns, Daniel 8:32
10 Newsom, David 8:43
11 Reimer, Mark 8:49
11 McLaren, Cameron 8:49
13 Woods, Thomas 9:11
13 Turczak, KC 9:11
15 Alperyn, Michael 9:15
16 Kovalchuk, Svetlana 9:17
17 Burchill, Charles 10:06
17 Pratt, Cory 10:06
19 Aiken, James 10:42
20 Crolly, John Colin 10:44
20 Eyer, Jack 10:44
20 Nelson, Vern 10:44
23 Saari, Lynn 11:35
23 Sigurdur, Dallas 11:35
23 Boles, Carrie 11:35
26 Sloat, Steven 12:22
27 Mitchell, Kim 14:33
28 Carter, Jason 14:47



1 Desjarlais, Craig 16:02
2 Lucas, Sue 17:42
2 Scotch, Chris 17:42
2 Lavin, Helen 17:42
5 Lum Min, Suyin 19:54
6 Burton, Scott 21:35
7 Nicol, Bob 21:52
7 Wohlgemuth, Dale 21:52

Another memorable Actif Epica

Actif Epica is more than an ultra endurance race. It is a celebration of human resilience, of the unique landscape and culture of southern Manitoba, and a call to action– to get outside and have fun. Last year’s edition proved a great success.

After last year’s strong beginning, there was no question about whether we would do it again, and I am once again pleased to report that an incredible time was had by all. On February 16th, 2013, we saw an astounding 29 cyclists and 13 runners attempt to traverse nearly 130km of frozen trail, river open prairie and even a few city streets from St Malo to Winnipeg’s historic Forks, while hundreds of others participated in other celebrations of human resilience with family and friends or at one of several co-actif events.

Thousands of people from across the continent followed our live coverage of the event—something both unexpected and encouraging: we set out to celebrate human resilience, using the sheer will of these amazing racers as inspiration, and it seems that people are up for it.

With racers from as far away as California and Colorado, the warm reception given to us from the communities along the route and the dedication and determination of our many volunteers (nearly as many volunteers as racers!), it’s clear that something special is happening here.

We’ll have a few more reports in the days ahead, together with more photos, official standings and so on, but we wanted to make sure to say thank you right away. On behalf of Ian Hall and the entire organizing committee, we would like to say thank you. Thanks to the volunteers, to our sponsors, to the people who organized co-actif events, to the people who provided moral support and most of all, to the racers. You are an inspiration to us all. Your determination, your ingenuity—your human resilience pushes us all forward. Thank you.

Oh, and if you can’t quite get enough, we’re delighted that CBC Manitoba newsCBC’s The National will be running a story about one Actif Epica runner tonight at eleven ten. Be sure to tune in.