What is it really like?

Cyclist Paul Krahn has a great essay (photos by Kyle Thomas) in the latest issue of gorgeous bike packing magazine Bunyan Velo describing his first go at the challenge.

And we’re happy to see him back after last year’s punishing conditions. That damn wind.

You might have other questions though, and so we’re pleased to launch a section of the website dedicated to getting you the answers you’re looking for.

Feel free to ask about anything related to the event. You can even comment on other people’s questions or answers. Our crack team of ultra endurance specialists are standing by.

Slight Deadline Extension, Race Bible Update, and More

Ok Ok, you have until Monday.

We’ve had a few people contact us to say they need the weekend to make a decision, so we’re keeping registration open until Monday, February 2nd at noon (CST). But that’s it! Register now. In case you missed it, we’ve posted a small version of our upcoming spectator’s guide earlier today. It should also be helpful for people thinking about the relay to plan on who will take which section.

Race Bible Update

The Race Bible is now more or less final, and the page has been updated to reflect that. Most importantly, there have been no changes to the route. If there are any adjustments from this point forward, we will contact registrants directly to let them know as well as update the Race Bible.


More nice people saying nice things

We’re always honoured when people say nice things about our little event. The Huffington Post recently listed us as one of 11 world-class adventure races in their Travel Section, and racer Greg McNeill has a feature in the February/March Readers Digest Our Canada Feature. Check them out!

Actif Epica Relay Options Now Available

From year one of Actif Epica, we’ve had people asking us if we could add a relay option. Last year we did a trial, and we’re happy to announce that we have made two relay options available.

The check-point to check-point option is for a team of 6 participants. It’s great if you’re looking to just try things out and get a bit of a taste for the course and the challenge.


If you’re looking for something a bit more challenging, but not quite ready for the full 130km trek, the 2 person relay option lets you and a friend split the course, with a hand-off at the mid-way check-point in Niverville.

In either option, each person can choose whether to run or bike their particular section.

We’re happy to add this great option for people who want to give Actif Epica a shot with some friends! All you have to do is find your team, and register.


PS: We’ll be at MEC Winnipeg’s Snowfest all day today, together with all kinds of other people who love outdoor winter activity. Come by and say hello!