Winter Group Ride, February 17, 2018


In case you are unable to join us for the race this year but would still like to get out and ride a part of the route with some like minded folks:

The Olympia Cycling Club is hosting a winter group ride on Saturday, February 17th, starting at 1 pm.  The ride will follow the concurrent last leg of the Actif Epica race route. You can head out on the route from the U of M at approximately the same time the leaders of the ultra-endurance Actif Epica event have their sites set on the finish line at The Forks.

The ride will take place primarily on light trail and pedestrian paths, relatively quite roads, and the Red River path weather permitting.  It’ll be lead by Adrian “Fonzie” Alphonso, a member of our Cycling Club who’s also the Chair of the Recreation and Transportation Committee of the Manitoba Cycling Association.

No cost, no sign-up.  Just show up at the U of M Smartpark Event Centre located at 100-One Research Road Smartpark, adjacent to both the University of Manitoba’s Fort Garry campus and the Investors Group Field.  Bring whatever well-tuned bike you think is suitable for the day, dress for the weather, wear you’re helmet, and be ready to ride at 1:00 pm!

For more info contact Adrian at [email protected]

Winter Solstice Recon Ride Report

December 21, 2014

With the exception of a little freezing rain to liven up the driving conditions, the weather decided to cooperate on this little excursion. Rolling into St. Pierre Jolys, I found three other like-minded individuals keen to scope out some of the course (and fit in a Sunday morning ride).

No adventure is without a hiccup or two along the way. This time around, I discovered the press-fit cups and axle had popped out when I came to unpack my bike and put the front wheel on. The idea of bailing without even one pedal stroke was not a pleasant thought. Luckily I had help in the form of the always resourceful Pete and some tools borrowed from the local gas station. Within 30 minutes Dale, Mark, Pete and I were off and rolling toward St. Malo to check out the first section of the course.


The winds picked up as we rolled out, pushing hard from the South and slowing our outbound journey. At least it looked like a speedy return trip would be in the cards. Using the narrower tires on a cross bike as a guideline, the route was almost entirely passable on that day, with minimal walking/pushing required. However, with recent snowfall and the likelihood of more to come, it will almost certainly be a different story mid-February.

WidenedPete pointed out the Crow-Wing Trail has been widened through one of the much appreciated tree-covered sections, complete with the placement of rocks/boulders at the road side entry to deter vehicles.

Previously, this section has been known to sport deep ruts and last year greater snowfall amounts with drifting meant walking/pushing through, no matter your ‘weapon-of-choice’.

We pressed on and headed toward the bridge and field sections on the first part of the route, enjoying the unseasonably warm weather for late December.


Before long, we found ourselves in St. Malo and stopped for the obligatory picture on the (frozen) lake before turning around to head back.


The return trip went well, with strong tailwinds making for a speedy journey and we found ourselves back in St. Pierre with a quick stop to refuel at Le Routier before parting ways.

Thanks to those that were able to make it out this time it was a great day for a ride! We are planning another recon ride for a different section of the route soon (in January), so if you missed out this time and are interested in coming out to ride and chat about Actif Epica, winter riding or just for fun, stay tuned!

Winter Solstice Actif Epica Course Recon Ride This Sunday

Date: Sunday, December 21st, 2014

Time: 9:00 am (ok, so not exactly the solstice, that’s at 5:03 pm)

Location: Meet in St. Pierre-Jolys in the parking lot of ‘Le Routier’ restaurant (on the East side of the highway right on the main road in town, ~1hr South from the Perimeter of Winnipeg on Hwy. 59)

Purpose: To preview section 1 of the Actif Epica course from St. Malo to St. Pierre (we’ll ride from St. Pierre to St. Malo and then back so you get to see it twice!)

Who: Dan Lockery will be riding at a slow rolling pace (on a fat bike) and would love it if you brought ANY type of bike and join him (bring friends on bikes too!).

The Plan: To scout the first section of the AE route, take some pictures and enjoy a fun, sociable ride out and back to St. Malo from St. Pierre. The total distance is approximately 25km one-way, with possible refuelling stops (and/or to feed your caffeine addiction) at each end of the route. I will be heading out at 9:15am sharp from Le Routier, if you arrive later, feel free to follow and catch up with us along the route as we will be moving at a comfortable pace and stopping periodically to take pictures.

Important Note: All participants join us at their own risk (e.g. please be safe, wear appropriate winter riding clothing, a helmet, bring blinky lights for improved visibility if you have them, food, water, etc.). Citing a famous quote, “YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR YOU”, so please respect the nature of a winter riding adventure, it can be merciless.