Actif Epica Bike Challenge Countdown – 7 weeks to go!

With this enjoyable weather we hope you’ve taken the opportunity to get outside, enjoy winter and get rolling on your bike (hopefully with no ManiYeti run-ins).  No guarantees February 18th will be quite like this past week, but this might be a reasonable facsimile: normal temperatures for mid to late February are highs of -8C and lows of -17C.

Details are rapidly falling into place for a great bike event.  Here’s some highlights:

  • The Race Bible is now confirmed.  Any changes from now until event day are anticipated to be minor (and will be communicated to all entrants).
  • Our head race official will be Mr. Colin Antaya – co-winner of the 2011 Manitoba Cycling Association Commissaire of the Year award.  Colin has indicated he is not afraid to “be the heavy” on enforcing mandatory gear requirements (if you have any questions about the gear list, email us) and race rules as both of these relate to safety.
  • Actif Epica is now international!  We’re pleased to welcome our first confirmed entrant from south of the 49th parallel.  Watch for a race roster page coming to the website soon.
  • We’ve got some cool checkpoints lined up on a great course.  With the help of the Manitoba Floodway Authority, the linkage between the historic Crow Wing Trail and the urban part of the course is solidified. Detailed route cue sheets are being developed – a basic (and properly calibrated – test it!) bike computer or a GPS will help you follow the route.  They’re be lots going on along the course – updates about co-actif events coming soon.
  • Top secret finisher trophies are in development.  Want one?  Finish.  Well… enter, ride, and then finish.
  • Since planning is going so smoothly, we’ve decided to extend the registration deadline from the current January 10th, 2012 to February 13th, 2012.   This means received at our office in Winnipeg by February 13th.  But don’t let this extension fuel your procrastination habit: entries received by January 10th will be eligible for a special early entry draw prize to be made in late January.
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