Actif Epica: A Fair Trade Event

When you buy a fair trade product, it means that producers in the developing world have received a fair wage for what they produce, so they are able to better support their families and communities.  This alternative approach to trade encourages more sustainable farm management practices, better conditions for workers, and more democratic procedures within the workplace. Fair trade also means NO CHILD LABOUR has been used in production.

Actif Epica is proud to be a fair trade event: through the assistance of the Manitoba Council for International Cooperation (MCIC), Fair Trade Manitoba and local suppliers all of the coffee, tea and chocolate that will be served on February 15th will be fair trade products.


The Manitoba Council for International Cooperation (MCIC) is a coalition of organizations involved in international development who are committed to respect, empowerment and self-determination for all peoples; development that protects the world’s environment; and global understanding, cooperation and social justice.  MCIC works with Manitobans who are concerned about building a better world. The Council believes that successful international development work goes hand-in-hand with efforts to build understanding of international issues within Manitoba. They encourage dialogue on global issues and help empower Manitobans to become active global citizens, individuals who understand that their actions here make a difference around the world.

Want to make a difference? Learn how you can get involved and where you can buy fair trade.

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