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Here it is! The Liveblog for 2014! Keep this page open for live updates as the day goes by!

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David Pensato 14/02/201417:09

Hi everyone! Mandatory gear check began about 2 hours ago, and the pre-race meeting will on soon. We’re just testing out our system for tomorrow here. 🙂

David Pensato 14/02/201417:11

We’ll be keeping our Twitter feed relatively clear, so that we can use it for specific, official announcements throughout the day, but we encourage everyone to use and follow the #ActifEpica hashtag for community-sourced info.

David Pensato 14/02/201417:12

The Race Tracker below will be updated every 20 minutes or so, but we’ll post official arrivals on this stream in as close to real time as possible. If it’s not here, it’s not official.

Ian Hall 14/02/201418:15

Tons of racers and volunteers checking in at the Belgian Club! You can feel the tension…

David Pensato 14/02/201419:44

So much energy at the pre-race meeting.

Ian Hall 15/02/201404:14

A balmy -15c (or 5f) in Winnipeg this morning. Light SE winds. Perfect winter ultra weather. There was a skiff of snow overnight that could make footing/bike tire traction an easy today, and the wind could also play a factor: expected to shift to N 20km/h after noon – right in our racers’ faces. Heading to Forks for shuttle load up.

Ian Hall 15/02/201404:29

We just received word that #58 Dallas Sigurdur will not be starting due to illness. Dallas had a lot of friends in the race, and a lot of friends not in the race, who were rooting for him and will be saddened to hear he isn’t taking part today. Speedy recovery Dallas! You’ll note a few DNS (did not start) notices on the roster: with an event this demanding, you need to be feeling 100% to meet the challenge. There is a saying in the ultra world that DNS means “did nothing stupid”; like racing through an injury or an illness. We hope everyone who is DNSnig is recovering and that we’ll see you out on the Crow Wing Trail soon!

Ian Hall 15/02/201405:28

Vital Transit shuttle bus is loaded and heading south. Safe journey to all our racers & volunteers! Next stop: St. Malo.

Ian Hall 15/02/201407:11

13 runners and 1 skier are on course, heading to the Forks on the Crow Wing Trail. Special thanks to our friends at St. Malo Arena and the Friends of St. Malo Park for the warm send off! We’re honoured to be part of St. Malo’s Festival des Amis.

David Pensato 15/02/201408:07

Cyclists off! Man there’s a lot of them!

David Pensato 15/02/201409:00

Ian and his pop at the St Pierre checkpoint. We’re all set up here at checkpoint 1.

Ian Hall 15/02/201409:01

Report from the trail: 100% of cyclists are pushing bikes down Goulet Rd (7km in to course).

Ian Hall 15/02/201409:19

Report from Lyle our snowmobile rover: front of the race moving well – lead runners approaching PR 205 – just a few miles from checkpoint 1 at St. Pierre Arena. They’ll be watching for the checkpoint sign made for us by race sponsor

Ian Hall 15/02/201409:36

Runner Bert Blackbird’s mom says of her son: “He’s extremely determined – he runs 3 hours a day. He’s a 2-time Death Race finisher and he’s planning a fundraising run from Winnipeg to Brandon for Huntington’s disease in June.” Whoa – we’ve got talented racers out there!

David Pensato 15/02/201409:37

Earlier this week, Kyle Thomas went out with The ManiYeti and Actif Epica Racers JP Peters (#52) and Andrea Tetrault (#61) and Trials pros Adrian and Liam of Olympia Cycle & Ski to visit some schools in St Adolphe and Niverville to talk about Actif Epica, prepping for ultra-endurance races, and having a good time outdoors:

Demo Day

Ian Hall 15/02/201409:44

St. Pierre checkpoint volunteer Murielle works with the Crow Wing Trail Association and presented at the World Winter Cycling Congress this week. In her presentation she noted that the Crow Wing Trail was developed with a summer audience in mind but Actif Epica has shown that winter trails can be popular community attraction, too.

Ian Hall 15/02/201409:48

By the way… Our timing volunteers at St. Pierre are Madelyn & David Hall. This is their third year helping with Actif Epica in this checkpoint. Thanks Mom & Dad!

David Pensato 15/02/201409:54

7 runners are now within visible distance of St Pierre!

David Pensato 15/02/201410:11

#23 and #65 ave arrived at St Pierre!
#52, 24, and #1 right behind them

David Pensato 15/02/201410:20

Post: first five

David Pensato 15/02/201410:24

It’s a crowd at St Pierre now! we’re updating the tracker as quick as we can, but not keeping up.

David Pensato 15/02/201410:35

And the ManiYeti is now here.

David Pensato 15/02/201410:45

About half of all participants through St Pierre

Scott Wiebe 15/02/201411:14

1st riders in at CP2! #’s 52, 45, 24, 36. Everyone is looking great. Can’t post pics from CP2 to live blog but will tweet to #actifepica

Ian Hall 15/02/201411:16

Just saw 15 bald eagles near Crystal Spring checkpoint. A good omen for our racers?

Ian Hall 15/02/201411:28

Racers 46 Bob Nicol and 59 Steven Sloat have abandoned the race at St. Pierre. Both are safe and doing okay. Tough slogging out there today.

Scott Wiebe 15/02/201411:33

CP2 is a smashing success so far. 13 riders in, all looking great, filling up on a great spread of fruit, home baking, and hot and cold beverages supplied by our gracious Crystal Springs Colony hosts. Reports of tough slog on 1st section but it’s been ‘easier’ going since. Riders 41, 1, 38, 54, 39, 28, 18, 21, 7 thru recently.

Ian Hall 15/02/201411:44

#40 Stephen Mackenzie has abandoned in St. Pierre. Safe and okay. REAL tough slogging out there.

David Pensato 15/02/201412:12

2nd of two cross-country skiing clinics wrapping up at St Adolphe checkpoint. Nice group for this Co-Actif event.

Scott Wiebe 15/02/201412:21

CP2 is still hopping along. Everyone who’s passed through is in good spirits, some more naturally than others, but everyone looks healthy and ready to tackle the next stretch. Can’t say enough about the wonderful hosts here. Check #ActifEpica on Twitter for updates on specific competitors as they pass thru CP2

Ian Hall 15/02/201412:25

Word from the course is that our only fat bike trike is progressing well towards CP1 in St. Pierre.

David Pensato 15/02/201412:55

Fat Bike Trike is on his way to CP 2 (Kevin Champagne, #14). Pushing that thing through the snow was a challenge. Should be smoother sailing now.

David Pensato 15/02/201413:01

We’re expecting the front of the pack to be coming through Niverville shortly. And thanks to The Niverville Heritage Centre, they can warm up with some delicious soup:

David Pensato 15/02/201413:11

#52, JP Peters is in at Niverville! “Whoo! That park, man”

David Pensato 15/02/201413:13

#36, Dan Lockery in right behind him.

David Pensato 15/02/201413:16

#24, Dylan Harris!

David Pensato 15/02/201413:18

JP enjoys a banana.

David Pensato 15/02/201413:33

JP and Dan talking with Radio Canada for this evening’s newscast:

David Pensato 15/02/201413:41

A race like this takes a good amount of prep. Thanks to Shaw TV, we have a glimpse of what these racers were up to a couple of weeks ago:

Scott Wiebe 15/02/201413:42

CP2 is still running smoothly with an almost constant flow of competitors. We have 8 athletes left to arrive but suspect it’ll be a bit more spaced out from this point on. Without exception everyone who has made it here looks great. Continue to watch #actifepica for updates as we see the remaining 8 arrive.

Ian Hall 15/02/201414:19

12 Campeau and 66 Wohlgemuth both dropped at Crystal Springs checkpoint. Both safe and okay.

Ian Hall 15/02/201414:23

Racers really enjoying the food provided by race sponsors Slice of Life Bakery, Niverville Heritage Centre, Gorp, Vita Health and Fair Trade Manitoba!

Ian Hall 15/02/201414:38

#36 Lockery & #52 Peters just left CP4!

Ian Hall 15/02/201414:42

#6 Dave Bell dropped at CP2 – safe/okay. This course is claiming its fair share of racers today. Steady on, people.

David Pensato 15/02/201414:56

Runner Steven Graupner (#23) in at Niverville!

David Pensato 15/02/201416:10

It’s a tough race this year. Capturing what that wind is like on the bald prairie isn’t simple, but Kyle Thomas is managing to give us a glimpse of what the racers are facing now:

David Pensato 15/02/201416:18

Dan and JP are crosing the Floodway.

Scott Wiebe 15/02/201416:25

Everyone has now arrived at CP2 (if they didn’t already notify us of having dropped out earlier) and have either carried on or DNF’d. Overall spirits were high with good reports from the trails to this point (though that doesn’t mean some of it wasn’t hard, because some of it was).

That’s a wrap from Crystal Springs. One last thank you to our gracious hosts, and Godspeed to everyone still out on course.

David Pensato 15/02/201418:16

Lots of activity at UofM, racers expected at The Forks soon!

Ian Hall 15/02/201418:22

Couple more DNFs – #47 Nicol at Crystal Spring and #42 McNeill at Niverville. All safe and okay. Dropping is never an easy decision, but it is more than likely the right one in today’s extremely demanding conditions. Stay safe everyone – it’s cooling off out there.

Ian Hall 15/02/201418:25

Are you following a specific racer? Reminder that there’s a tracking sheet at the bottom of this page. Refresh your page to get the latest updates.

David Pensato 15/02/201418:26

David Pensato 15/02/201418:26

An enjoyable run…

David Pensato 15/02/201418:31

It’s getting darker and colder by the minute. Challenging conditions ahead for people with distances to face.

David Pensato 15/02/201418:32

Justin Lee 15/02/201418:36

Dan Lockery and JP Peters arrive together at The Forks at 18:28!

David Pensato 15/02/201418:48

Lots of finishers now. Remember to refresh this page and scroll down to see the latest posted results.

Ian Hall 15/02/201418:55

Fantastic story on 6 p.m. Radio Canada news – the reporter and videographer got some great on course shots and interviews. Thanks Matt and Justin!

David Pensato 15/02/201420:44

Huge pack of riders just rolled in. Scarfing down the Tall Grass Prairie cinnamon buns. nom nom nom

David Pensato 15/02/201422:24

Everyone through St Adolphe that’s going through. That checkpoint is closed folks.

Ian Hall 15/02/201422:27

Racer Pete McAdams – finished earlier – says highlight of his day was walking in to U of M and getting cheered up/energy boost from super positive volunteers there.

David Pensato 15/02/201422:40

Andrea Tetrault (#61) talking to CTV about why she participated in Actif Epica:

David Pensato 15/02/201422:42

Our first runners, Steven Graupner (#23) and Brian Weigelt (#65) are expected to arrive at The Forks within 30 minutes to an hour…

David Pensato 15/02/201422:46

Almost 15 hours ago, this pack of riders headed out from St Malo

And this crew started nearly 16 hours ago

David Pensato 15/02/201423:32

Stephen Page on his Fiori Road Bike is now at the Forks!

Yes. A Fiori road bike.

David Pensato 15/02/201423:39

Our first test relay (team of 3, mixed mode) has finished up!

David Pensato 15/02/201423:40

All cyclists now through UofM

David Pensato 15/02/201423:42

Our first runner is coming up the stairs from the river to the Forks!

David Pensato 15/02/201423:43

First runner, Steven Graupner has finished!

David Pensato 15/02/201423:46

That’s 130km in 16 hours!

David Pensato 15/02/201423:47

Craig Desjarlais is in.

David Pensato 15/02/201423:56

David Pensato 16/02/201400:02

Just reviewing our stats for the day, apart from Canada and the US, we’re getting a lot of traffic from Finland and Norway… Perhaps we’ll see some Scandinavian participants in 2015?

David Pensato 16/02/201400:08

Final 5 bikes just left UofM together. Should arrive at the forks in about 1 hr…

David Pensato 16/02/201400:18

Another Runner, Brian Weigelt (#65) has finished Actif Epica 2014

David Pensato 16/02/201400:41

We’ve had a more realistic number of DNFs this year:

David Pensato 16/02/201401:22

Final cyclist has arrived at The Forks.

Ian Hall 16/02/201401:26

Final two runners, 42 McNeill and 44 Anderson have crossed the floodway and are headed towards the city.

Ian Hall 16/02/201401:37

More than a few of our racers have said how grateful they are for Mountain Equipment Co-op’s support of Actif Epica. MEC provided prizes, logistical support and, specifically noted by racers, chemical handwarmers in each racer’s kit – appreciated on a long, cold, windy day. Thank you MEC!

Ian Hall 16/02/201402:06

Racer 55 Richard expected at Forks soon. 8 Blackbird has just arrived at U of M CP5, 37 Lum Min is in Maple Grove Park and 42 McNeill and 44 Anderson are approaching the Perimeter highway.

David Pensato 16/02/201402:29

Mallory Richard of Tester Relay Team 1 (run/run) has arrived at The Forks.

Ian Hall 16/02/201404:47

42 McNeill arrived at CP5 just after 04:30, followed by 44 Anderson.

Ian Hall 16/02/201404:52

Report from the finish line: #8 Bert Blackbird has finished. Congrats Bert!

Ian Hall 16/02/201405:19

05:16 – 42 McNeill out of CP5. 44 Anderson dropping by own choice and on advice of medic – feet cold and beat up.

Ian Hall 16/02/201406:13

We’ll be updating the tracking sheet with the later checkpoint times and adding a race report to the website in the next day or so, as well as announcing a couple of special prizes provided by our friends Helen and Chris Scotch who organize the Tuscobia Winter Ultra in Wisconsin. If you’ve got a race report to share, please let us know on Twitter (@ActifEpica) or by email –

Ian Hall 16/02/201406:15

Suyin Lum Min finishes at 5:41 a.m. – first woman to complete the full race distance. Way to go! One runner still on course – Greg McNeill – pushing hard for the finish.

Ian Hall 16/02/201413:13

Final and belated race update: Greg McNeill was our final 2014 finisher: he arrived at the Forks at 07:44, for a total race time of 24:44. Congrats Greg!

We wish all racers and volunteers a safe journey home. Thank you again for being part of Actif Epica 2014!

David Pensato 16/02/201414:27

And that’s a wrap, folks. Results tracker (below) is now updated. Official results (a few time credits to add) to be posted shortly.

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